Petrol and Diesel Prices Reduced for Second Fortnight of May 2023

Last night Ishaq dar, the current finance minister of Pakistan, have announced the new prices of Petrol, diesel and kerosene. As per expected due to petroleum prices going down internationally, the prices of all the petroleum products were reduced. These products include petrol, high speed diesel, light diesel oil and the kerosene oil. While talking to the transporters and other industries, Ishaq dar urged them to pass the relief on to the people of Pakistan, like they increase the prices and fairs for people when the petroleum prices are increased. The details of new and old petroleum product prices, along with the difference in old and new prices are as follows. Petroleum Product Old Price New Price Change in Price […]

New Petrol and Diesel prices for first fortnight of May 2023

As usual govt of Pakistan have again announced the details of changes in Petrol, diesel and kerosene oil for the first fortnight (first 15 days) of May 2023. According to the new petroleum prices, which are set by govt of Pakistan, Petrol prices remained the same however, diesel prices decreased. Kerosene oil also saw a decrease in price for the first fortnight of May 2023. The new petrol and diesel prices were announced by the finance minister Ishaq dar himself, he also tweeted about the new prices. The details of new petroleum prices for first fortnight of May 2023 are as follows. Petroleum Product Old Price New Price Change in Price MS (Petrol) 282.00 282.00 0.00 High Speed Diesel (HSD) […]

Petrol price increased for second fortnight of April 2023

As the govt of Pakistan reviews the petroleum product prices after every two weeks. Once on start of month and once in the mid of every month. They then issue new prices based on many factors which include the value of local currency as compared to US Dollars, International crude oil prices and the taxes imposed by Govt of Pakistan. Govt of Pakistan have announced the petroleum prices for second fortnight (last 2 weeks) of April 2023. They have increased the Petrol and Kerosene oil prices. So, the petrol price was increased by Rs. 10 PKR per litre while the price of Kerosene oil was increased by Rs. 5.78 per litre PKR. The prices of High Speed Diesel (HSD) and […]

Petrol and Diesel Prices remain same for first fortnight of April 2023

Government of Pakistan reviews the petrol and high speed diesel prices in every 15 days. So on the every 1st and 16th of the month the new petrol and diesel prices are set. These new prices are in accordance with and to compensate with international crude oil prices. However, many other factors like govt taxes play a role in finalized prices. For the first fortnight of April 2023, from 1st April to 15th April, govt have decide to not change the diesel and petrol prices. However, as the crude oil prices international market kept going down in international market, people were expecting a change of around 10 Rs in prices of petrol and high speed diesel. Since, govt have not […]

Huge increase in the Petrol & Diesel prices announced

On Sunday, Jan 29, 2023 at 10:50 am, Ishaq Dar came on national television to make some announcement. These announcement included the increase in fuel prices, including both the prices of diesel and the petrol. To be exact, prices of both were increased by Rs. 35 per litre. Also the new prices of petrol, diesel and all other petroleum products gone into effect just 10 minutes after the announcement at 11:00 am. The new, increased prices of these petroleum products are as follows. Petroleum Product New Price Petrol Rs. 249.80 High Speed Diesel Rs. 262.80 Light Diesel Oil Rs. 187 Kerosene Oil Rs. 198.83 The current increase in petroleum prices are to meet the one of the demands of International […]