Lawyer Downgraded from Car to Motor Bike and than bicycle due to Petrol and Gas Shortage of Pakistan

Today I came across a video which is making quite a buzz out there. It is story of lawyer who used to travel in his private car earlier. But not few months ago when CNG (Compress Natural Gas) was closed down, according to him he ditched his car and Purchased a motor bike to save the traveling expenses. Now as the petrol shortage prevailed in all cities of Punjab and overall in Pakistan, he was not able to get petrol for his motor bike. He downgraded to a bicycle, to save himself the headache of going after the petrol. He also advised other to take this step, which according to him is a healthy step and will save people the […]

Petrol shortage of Pakistan Worsens as Time Passed

Its now days after petrol shortage started, the queues of People waiting for the fuel are getting longer and longer but more than half of petrol pumps are now closed. Other ones are only providing the petrol worth of just 500 to 250 Rupees per vehicle. Shortage started when PSO was denied by suppliers because it did not had payed for the petrol it had got earlier on credit as PSO (Pakistan State Oil) had exhausted its all credit lines due to non payment. Non payment due to circular debt 200 billion rupees. Much of that was created due to non payment of govt departments to PSO for the petrol they had acquired. Most notable non payment of this kind […]

Pakistan Faces Worst Petrol and furnace oil shortage

All over the country there are long queues of vehicles waiting to be refilled. Petrol is available but it is in low quantities. Way lower than the demand, all the petrol stations are being provided with much lower than routine quantity of petrol. The reason for petrol shortage is, PSO’s circular debt have increased to 200 billion Rupees and they does not have enough funds to buy petrol from refineries. Government also have done less in helping PSO (Pakistan State Oil) decreasing its circular debt. Punjab being most densely populated province of country is hit worse by the fuel shortage. Very long queues are seen on fuel-less fuel stations, as of today, the most fuel stations are no more able […]