Now others have to tell Pakistan to solve our own problems

It is unfortunate but it is true that the current political party of Pakistan in power called Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have lived up to its reputation of incompetency in every trait of life, other than identifying and rectifying the problems which their country is facing, they lately seem to be causing the situations where others seem to telling us what our problems are and how we have to solve them. One such situation came forward when recently US secretary of state Hillary Clinton visited Pakistan and in one of her public speeches she said and I quote United State can not and should not solve the problems of Pakistan, Pakistan have to identify their own problems and have to […]

Car bomb blast shakes the city of Peshawar

A car full of explosive material weighing about 300 KG rammed right into the police station situated at Jamrud Road in Peshawar. Initial reports tell that 21 were injured and two were killed in the incident. The affected by the blast were policemen including those who died. Soon after the attack Taliban have took the responsibility of attack, according to them these attacks are reaction to the Osama Bin Laden’s assassination. Taliban areĀ  being seen on a role these days, earlier they took responsibility of an attack on Pakistani Naval base which killed many and destroyed two of modern aircrafts. All of this according to them is a revenge of Osama’s killing in Pakistan by US forces.  

China stands by Pakistan once again, now on issue of Pakistan’s sovereignty

Right from beginning the relationships between the Pakistan and China have been nothing less than awesome. They always supported each other on many International forums and stood by each other when ever required. Its not just that, in many traits both countries have been running joint projects which also include defense co-operation and building up the defense capabilities together. The fighter Air Craft JF-17 Thunder was latest example of that co-operation, this was built be engineers of both countries together and symbolizes the friendship between these two countries. China have played their role very well, right from the beginning, they were here for us without any conditions and terms like a loyal friend unlike our always shaky relationships with United […]

The Role Pakistan played in War against terror and to restore peace in world

Like most of countries in the world Pakistan is a peace loving country, they not only aimed to have peace and prosperity in their nation but also fought for the making the world in better place closely guarding our borders and by doing whatever in their capacity to eliminate any entities harmful for human race from their soil. The recent war against terror which world calls their war and war to save humanity, Pakistan is the country which contributed more than any other nation in this war, our economy, future of our country, lives of our people and much more we have sacrificed just to restore the peace in the world. But the irony is not much of people in […]

Stunning night photos of Daman-e-Koh Islamabad Pakistan

These photos were shot at about midnight in Daman-e-Koh Islamabad near and at the main daman-e-koh viewpoint. Some of them amazingly picked up nice blue night sky, these are few rare shots of Daman-e-Koh Islamabad, enjoy. Click any of following photographs to run a slideshow starting from that specific photograph. Subscribe to us via email and join our Facebook & twitter pages all from right side of this page, nice stuff will keep coming.