Why political change is only hope for Pakistan

The problem I am going to discuss here is very well known to each and every Pakistani. But still there are people who knowingly or not knowingly discredit this idea of change and insist on going with people who we have been trusting in the past. As we just entered the June 2012, Pakistan is still going through the worst of its times. We are having issues of rapid shrinking economy, worst GDP growth of all times, problems of having the Power and Gas shortages, worst electricity and gas load shedding ever, lack of education, health, justice for people of Pakistan, Inflation and what not.

What current PPP government have done to relieve people of Pakistan from all their problems, in my opinion, nothing at all. I have never heard of any planning or implementation of any projects which would have solved any issue of people of Pakistan. Also PML-N is in power in Punjab, other than few bridges and a laptop scheme I have not noticed anything productive from them which could have helped the masses and solved our problems. In fact in last five years I have seen everything going worse from bad.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), we have given them many chances, they have been in government many times, but I would insist you look back on  stats and stuff, you will not see a single long term project in terms of power, health, education or justice  which would have really helped people of Pakistan. I would not even get started on all those corruption scandals.

Not only PPP or PML-N, which other party have done something good for Pakistan in recent part, unfortunately I am not able to mention one project which could have directly helped people of Pakistan.

Now elections are again near and every party is doing whatever they can do to get popularity but I would say by looking on stats of last few decades, changes is only hope for us, we can’t take the risk of again selecting any of those people who have been ruling us any time in last couple of decades or last 25 years.

A political change will be only way to bring the positive change in the country, as soon as new and honest faces will take over, many things will start looking up for Pakistan. It is even not about being honest but it is about being capable for thinking and performing big for the country. For example, developed countries of world are discovering the far reaches of outer space by sending the space probes and by sending the gigantic telescopes in orbits around earth, the telescopes which could look billions of light years away. But we Pakistanis are still not been able to fulfill our basic needs like continuous Power, health and education facilities etc. Believe me this was all only because of incapable leadership of Pakistan otherwise this country have got intelligent/hardworking people and huge quantity of natural resources.

Some people are calling the Imran Khan the new face of change, a person could be voted in next election. Obviously, because he is politically clean, also apart from his great cricket career he also have made best and most advanced Cancer hospital in Pakistan where half of people are treated free and hospital is non profit organization. There are his other contributions to cheap quality education but lets not go there. Honestly, he could be one of faces we could look to vote in next elections. But there are people who don’t agree with this idea of change with Imran Khan, no, that is not the point. Change does only mean that have to vote in a new face who have not been seen in politics earlier and who is clean with no corruption charges. About Imran Khan or any other new face, people who have only concern about them is their lack of experience or lack of trust, I would say just go out and vote them in, because if they don’t perform we would have nothing to lose and we can move to another new face in elections next to coming elections. But in coming elections if we would reselect the people we have already tried, then believe me we will stuck in stone age and darkness for ever.

So next elections go out and vote a new face, whoever you think will be able to do good for country, because change is only hope for Pakistan.

You don’t have to necessarily agree with all I said but do think about this, let me know about your opinion via comments. Join us on Facebook  and twitter, also you can subscribe to us via email, all from options on right of this page.

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