Unbanning of youtube in Pakistan is still pending, Anusha Rehman busy in getting some free publicity

youtube with anushaFew days ago we did a post about why and how ban on Youtube is only hurting Pakistanis. Soon after I finished as I was wandering on different Facebook pages, I cam across a story about unbanning youtube in Pakistan. Out of querulousness I done some research on that and whole Internet, I mean most of Pakistan sites and blogs were full of the same story. It was telling that Anusha Rehman, who is Federal Minister of IT and Telecom have hinted that youtube will open very soon in Pakistan.

Story also included the content like Pakistan already have a URL filtering system ready, which will operate via PTCL and is developed million of Dollars. Not only this, the circulating story also included text like it is already tested and will just allow us filtering and banning 4000 URLs. This caught my attention that a Software which cost millions will only filter out 4000 URLs, I was happy that ok at least they are doing something.

But seems like the Federal Minister of IT and Telecom from the new ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) have this habit of making news like our former Interior Minister Rehman Malik. Her statements are also similar as that of what Rehman Malik’s have been. On one side Anusha Rehman was warning Google few months back that we will even ban Google, on other side she is giving many statements about unbanning youtube.com from couple of months.

As soon as after Anusha took charge of IT and Telecom Ministry and given this statement about banning Google in Pakistan, I immediately had an idea that a person who does not know the importance of search engine like Google in today’s era, does not know any thing about telecom and specially Information Technology (IT). Though like former interior minister Rehman Malik our new IT and Telecom Minister had to face lots of criticism about her statement about banning Google. Also there is much of pressure from people about unbanning the youtube in the country on interior minister.

Despite that pressure seems like our IT and Telecom minister seem to do nothing but just giving some statements which keep people calm and give her some publicity as well so that people might think she is busy. You would have idea that people from this ruling party PML-N have a habit of looking very busy but producing much less, like some politician look very busy in resolving electricity shortage issue but end result is same. Same kind of load shedding is going on. Like statements of Rehman Malik, Anusha have also been coming up with statements like youtube will open soon, we are working on the issue.

Anusha you do not need to look busy, you just have to work on the real issue because I want that people of Pakistan do benefit from services which are available for rest of world. I want that Web Applications developer “Imran Zia” to use youtube video tutorial to learn new technologies, I want that student “Danish” to learn theories of physics via youtube video animations, I want that jobless Hafeez to learn some skill via youtube video tutorials from youtube and I want every Pakistani to get benefit from the services available to the whole world. And if you think, I am making this up, oh no, I am not, I have seen and heard many Pakistani people getting benefited from service like youtube in the past.

Youtube would be our first baby step, next would be paving the way for bringing the PayPal in to support the Pakistani Developers and Freelancers who are bringing in huge bulks of cash daily in Pakistan but have no support at all from government.

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5 thoughts on “Unbanning of youtube in Pakistan is still pending, Anusha Rehman busy in getting some free publicity

  1. I am a freelance working for many clients in States and around the globe for the past 4+ years now. 4 months ago I had to migrate to Dubai due to lack of basic necessities. Like proper Internet connectivity, PayPal, Bank remittance and don’t even get me started on Electricity.

    I am a real patriot one of those idiots who really believe in there country and God forbid if time comes would not step back if facing a bullet. And I had to leave my country. I sorrows me deeply. I miss everything about Rwp I miss the rain I miss the dirt and I even miss our unworthy politicians (lol).

    I really hope someday I could come back to a country which has less hassles.

    God Bless Pakistan,
    Zain (Designer/Entrepreneur/Marketer/Web Dev)

    1. I’m in the exact same situation. Am being forced to leave due to all these issues, despite loving a lot of things about this country.

      Damn these politicians, mullahs and kleptocrats who don’t give a damn about anything other than filling their own pockets and serving their own interests.

      It’s a wonder that our industry still manages to get foreign business and thrive, despite receiving no support from these parasites.

      1. The only reason we get foreign business / support is due to the people of our country. Despite the fact we are not same in any way, heck we can’t even do Eid together we are still a Nations who’s elders have sacrificed a lot to get this piece of dirt we call our home land.
        We as Paki’s are hard workers. No matter the work is good or evil!

  2. you mentioned many examples of people who get benefits from youtube in past…..i believe that they can get the same material from many other resources, banning of youtube or Google does not mean that some one is un ware of the technology and not know its importance….but its about to be a good Muslim to atleast show your love for our beloved Prophet (PBUH), ok now ur point that there are many other ways to show our love…agreed, you think immediately that minister have no knowledge but why dont you think immediately that how much GOOGLE managements plays with the mind of Muslims, whats the reason behind that they manage to ban sach material in other islamic countries and not here in pakistan…because he knows well we are very much fools….ok tell me what u have done so far for removal of those Blasphemous material….you search the internet to write this article, have you ever search how to remove these………i want to say many more and not know how to express my self….be do your search in a positive way….banning of youtube or unbanning of it is not a question or a big deal……please be a good muslim also and represent ur self in a world …show ur strength to the world.

    1. If this had anything to do with religion, other sites hosting blasphemous and deadly content, such as those of LeJ and SSP, would have been blocked as well. It’s all about censorship and authoritarian control.

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