Millat tractors prices increased in the Feb 2023

Pakistan auto industry is in great trouble right now. As of now, our readers may have idea about the factors which are increasing the costs of auto makers of Pakistan. To summarize, these are mainly the cost increase as a direct result of local currency deterioration and the curbs on imports by govt institutions. These curbs could be direct or indirect, due to govt policies. Which makes it difficult for auto makers to import enough supplies, to keep continuously producing the vehicles, hence increasing the costs as result of production plant’s down hours.

Along with the makers of Cars and Bikes, now the makers of tractors are also forced to increase their prices to keep their companies profitable. Millat tractors have recently increased prices of their tractors, details of the increase are as follows.

Tractor ModelsNew PriceOld PriceDifference
Millat MF 240 (2500cc)1,795,0001,524,000271,000
Millat MF 260 (2500cc)2,075,0001,756,000319,000
Millat MF 360 (2500cc)2,195,0001,856,000339,000
Millat FM 360 (4WD – 2500cc)3,140,0002,583,000557,000
Millat FM 375 (4100cc)2,766,0002,306,000460,000
Millat FM 375 (4WD 4100cc)3,730,0002,989,000741,000
Millat FM 385 (4100cc)2,860,0002,387,000473,000
Millat FM 385 (4WD 4100cc)3,788,0003,083,000705,000

Currently, not only Pakistan auto industry facing difficulties, also the future of auto makers is not looking that bright. With constantly increasing prices, all kinds of automobiles including the agricultural machinery and vehicles are getting out of range of many people, the same people would have bought all these easily earlier. Some are not too optimistic about the future of Pakistan Auto Industry in Pakistan and are seeing permanent closures of some manufacturers as a possible scenario, if things do not get better fast.

Not only just the tractors, recently, all kinds of vehicle makers have been increasing the prices of vehicles, including the cars and bikes. For example Honda Pakistan increased bike prices recently. Also in 2023 Honda Pakistan increased cars prices twice. Not only this Toyota Pakistan was also forced to increase its vehicle prices twice in 2023, you can see the details of most recent toyota Price hike. This is not it, almost all the auto makers are forced to increase their prices, just to remain profitable and survive in these testing times of Pakistan’s economy.

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