Honda cars prices increased again now in the Feb 2023

Just recently in the Jan 2023 Honda Pakistan had increased its cars’ prices, however, in Feb 2023 Honda is again forced to increase their car prices due to the difficulties which the whole auto industry of Pakistan is facing. These difficulties include the increase of cost of making vehicles due to the local currency devaluation against international currencies like US Dollar. Difficulties like hurdles in opening Letter of Credits (LCs) for the import of car kits.

Anyways, Honda has once again announced a price hike in the prices of its cars. Details of new and old prices are as follows.

Car Make ModelNew PriceOld PriceIncrease
Honda Civic Standard (Automatic, Petrol)7,299,0006,849,000450,000
Honda Civic Oriel (Automatic, Petrol)7,599,0007,099,000500,000
Honda Civic RS (Automatic, Petrol)8,649,0008,099,000550,000
Honda City 1.2 MT4,329,0004,069,000260,000
Honda City 1.2 CVT4,469,0004,199,000270,000
Honda City 1.5 CVT4,739,0004,449,000290,000
Honda City 1.5 Aspire MT4,939,0004,629,000310,000
Honda City 1.5 Aspire CVT5,119,0004,799,000320,000
Honda BR-V i-VTEC S5,649,0005,299,000350,000
Honda HR-V VTI6,799,0006,399,000400,000
Honda HR-V VTI S6,999,0006,599,000400,000

This is second increase of Honda cars prices in just one month and few days of 2023. However, as the local currency is losing value very fast. Hence, these automakers which rely on CKD kits import for vehicle manufacturing, have no other options other than increasing the vehicles prices.

These new prices which are mentioned above, will be applicable from Feb 06, 2023. However, if you have landed on this this page much later in future, I would like to remind you, this is just an update for price hike. We have dedicated Honda cars prices which you can visit to see latest cars prices of Honda Pakistan. We will keep updating that page with each new price hike or reduction.

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