In lower dir district fighter crafts kill 13 insurgents

fighter-craftIn the Pakistan army’s offensive against the militants now fighter crafts are helping the ground forces in clearing the areas. For same reason the fighter jets bombarded the lower Dir areas and killed at least 13 militants hiding in the areas. Also their 15 hideout locations were destroyed. Deaths of 13 militants are confirmed but the number of killed militants may increase as soon as more deaths are confirmed as about at least 140 militants were hiding in the bombing zone, information revealed by a security official on Sunday while talking to media.

Pakistan army will still continue this operation in districts of swat, buner and dir until they are sure that they have fully eliminated the militants from the area. About 1800 militants and 166 security personals lost their lives in this offensive which was started back in April, 2009 when Taliban militants collapesed all their deals with current government and moved out of Swat to capture the adjoining areas.

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