Six Days of Total Darkness on earth in December 2014 Rumor Goes Viral on Internet

First things first, if you have read or heard any such thing from anyone, let me tell you, its just a rumor which is spread by “” as a publicity stunt to get some extra visitor traffic without any marketing expenses. However, they have very much succeeded in their objective of getting cheap traffic as their fake story shared staggering 633 thousand times on Facebook alone as for now and number is growing fast.

Fake story goes like “From 16 Dec to 22 Dec 2014 there will be huge solar storm which will cause dust and debris in space which will block 90% of sunlight and there will be pitch black on earth for 6 days”. Not only this the story maker have presented these stupid words as an announcement of Charles Bolden, the head of NASA (American Space Agency).

total darkness on earth

Thousands of such fake stories make it to internet now and then but whats different about this story is, it made too much buzz on internet and gone viral too fast. Strange thing is any one with minor knowledge about space and planets can tell in blink of an eye that this complete darkness story is just rumor.

This brings our attention to the fact that how all of us, members to this mankind 🙂 , share stuff on without even investigating that if its even true or worth sharing. By the way, search internet a bit and you will find ‘’, originator of this fake story have habit of making and sharing rumors for personal gains. Means not everything you read on internet now a days is true, so do double check everything you read/learn online.

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