Foreign investment is back in Karachi Stock Exchange

Rising 100 indexAs soon as government ensured the improvements in the energy sector, this have increased the confidence of foreign investors and Karachi stock exchange have observed good investment by foreigners. In last month, Aug 2009 the money foreign buyers bought shares of about $95.3 million and this month on alone 1st Sep, 2009 the investment of 21.29 million was observed from the foreign investors.

More over KSE-100 index was ended on its highest of the year at 8,878.64 today. This is big improvement and if the political parties and country’s leadership don’t come up with any other issue this confidence by foreign buyers will further strengthen and loads of foreign investment is expected. As this year KSE-100 index already gained 51.38% , let me remind you that it had lost about 58.3% in the last year.

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