National Capital or PPP’s Den, Throw the flags out

Being the national capital Islamabad must have the national flag not the flags of Ruling party but as depicted in picture taken on 31 Aug, 09 in the capital still the Pakistan People Party’s  flags are everywhere. If you see in the picture you will see only two Pakistan’s flags but in fact ratio must be inverse. These flags are now here from quite sometime in fact months, even on 14th of Aug, 09 the Nation’s independence day these flags were not removed and very few Pakistani flags were added, as you can see only two the picture shot. We demand the ruling party to take their most of flags out of the city and replace them with Nation’s flag, […]

Police registers FIR against former president Musharraf

Tuesday, 9am police registered FIR against the former President and Army Chief Pervez Musharraf. FIR was registered about his acts against judges of superior courts. Charges include dismissing the judges illegally and detaining the judges and their families to their houses. According to FIR these acts were performed illegally in collaboration with some of other judges which were also appointed by Musharraf illegally. Contents of FIR charge Musharraf with many things which include, damaging the judicial system of Pakistan, causing the mental torture to the lawyers and civilian population of Pakistan. Also he is charged with bringing the bad name to Pakistan all over the world. Police team have been already formed which will investigate the matter under supervision of […]