PTCL operations go on halt, strike continues

PTCL LogoAfter having my land-line phone dead from several days, when I just visited the nearby PTCL exchange I came to know that strike by PTCL employees is still continued. The people who are really on strike are the line-men, means no one can have their phone-line fixed if you get the problem in these days.

I had visited the exchange after there was no response by PTCL on my complaints from last few days, but came to know can’t get my phone-line fixed till strike by line-men get over. Not only me there were few other people complaining same thing that they need to get their lines fixed as soon as possible.

Reminding that this strike was started few days ago when PTCL employees gathered in front of PTCL headquarters early morning for protest. Also some of these protesters were arrested by the Islamabad police and in incident one of them was fell down from third floor while protesting and was seriously injured.

Their demands were to also give the benefits to them which are being provided to the people of other Govt organizations, these include the recent increase in salaried of all govt employees which was being provided all over the government organizations. They were demanding about 20% increment to their salaries. Reminding the PTCL was privatized in recent past so new management not willing to keep up the benefits according to other government organizations.

Now despite the all claims by PTCL that things have been changed at their end big time, how can someone trust on services provided by the PTCL. The organization which can’t fulfill the needs of their employees and can’t have them satisfy their employees how can they satisfy their customers. Also how can the unsatisfied employees work any better. Despite they have changed their wrapper by putting some new logos, the inner condition of PTCL services in not any better in my opinion. In such a time when they are unable to satisfy their employee and in result their customers how can some one risk using their services like PTCL Broadband and other. And if you go for it, probably you will be just sitting and complaining, and you will be told by PTCL officials that wait we can’t do something on this because our staff is at strike at the moment.

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