Latest Ramadan Timings of Major Pakistan Cities Just Published for You

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People in Faisal Mosque During RamadanIn Islamic months this month of Ramadan have its own place/importance, this one comes with blessings and a chance for us Muslims to make the most out of given opportunity and do something about our sins by fasting and praying for pardon.

Fasting is most important worship that most of us only do in month of Ramadan over a year. It is very important that we do stop eating at right time and then break our fast on right time. Here we have been working to compile the Ramadan timings for different cities of Pakistan, so you can make use of it.

Check out the Ramadan Sehr-O-Iftar Timings for Major Pakistani Cities. As we speak, we have already added in timings for 38 major Pakistani cities and working to make the timings available for more cities. As soon as we are done with Pakistan, we will also move to cities of other countries so Muslims around the worlds can take benefit from this service.

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Disk failure at the webserver, life goes on

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Info Pakistan uses the leading web hosting services of Pakistan. The web hosting provider claims to biggest in the country and hosts the websites of many multinationals across the country.

Unfortunately they had a disc failure few days back on the server where the Info Pakistan was hosted along with some other sites. Disc failure means all data is gone and not recoverable. However its fortunate that the company had the backups on separate machine or disk. So they restored the data from there and most of data was back causing us the loss of a number of most recent posts.

Fortunately we had taken backup of site few days back by ourselves. So that also saved us few more posts but we had suffered with loss of few most recent posts. Few posts were lost by this disc failure and afterward we were busy taking the site back at work.

Most recent comments on few posts as well as most recent customizations were also lost. So feel free to submit your comments back again. We will keep working to bring you the latest information and improving the website for you.

Thank you for sticking to us in our bad times!

Another opportunity for Pakistanis to get along and share it all

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Once again fulfilling our promise of more and more features for our visitors we are here with another opportunity for Pakistanis to get along, discuss their problems and share their thoughts. We proudly present infoPakistan discussion forums. Forums are intended to for discussions to share, discussions to hear, solve others’ problems and discussions to decide on certain matters of nation’s interest.

We know their is long journey ahead of ourselves to get something positive out of this, we need your support here, join forums, start posting useful stuff, start hearing and sharing and soon this place will match no other. When we say our vision to make this site “Every Pakistani’s home on Internet” we are not only saying it but but working hard to make it happen. Introducing forums is just next milestone. But still the point is, we don’t have any interest in lots of visitor traffic to our website but more interest in what someone is getting back from us in return.

We intend to keep you update, provide you best tools to interact and finally want you live your lives happily by helping each other. Its your turn now, be the first to join and initiate the process.

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Discussion Forums are now discontinued, this was not appropriate to have them on this moment however we are building few other services which will replace the need for forums. For now keep commenting on our posts as well as send any articles or info to our contact email if you want to share it.

Subscribe to infoPakistan feed via email or reader

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Subscribe to Feed by email or readerWe have been consistently improving our website to deliver information to more and more people. Now latest effort in this regard is that we have setup a feed which you can subscribe for via Email or a reader. Readers include your iGoogle page, your yahoo my page or many more.

For getting the updates from to right inside your email inbox you have to just put in your email address inside the email subscription box in right side-bar, click subscribe and follow the steps.

Second option is to get the updates via feed readers like iGoogle, MyYahoo page or many such other feed reading systems which provide you the facility to add different feeds in boxes and updates are shown on your own pages. In this regard as soon as you will click “Subscribe in a reader” you will know the options about sites on which you can add this feed box. One thing assured you will have few dozen site options to use.

Be the first subscribe the posts via email or the feed reader. More and more new visitor friendly features will keep coming, so keep checking back and be informed.

infoPakistan gets the Captcha protection, comments open for everyone

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Captcha ProtectionPreviously to protect infoPakistan site from the spam comments, a restriction was in place that that only registered users can post the comment but thanks to reCaptcha, now even if you are not registered you will be able to post the comments. What all you need to do is that you will have to enter two words shown by Captcha box in captcha field while adding the comment. This will protect us from spam by auto-bots and will make things easy for you so that you can comment without being registered on website.

For ease the reCaptcha box provides the sound facility for the visually impaired or fully blind people, they can just listen and enter the words shown on Captcha image. So this change will not effect the blind readers. So keep reading the blog and keep saying your heart out by using comments facility.