infoPakistan gets the Captcha protection, comments open for everyone

Captcha ProtectionPreviously to protect infoPakistan site from the spam comments, a restriction was in place that that only registered users can post the comment but thanks to reCaptcha, now even if you are not registered you will be able to post the comments. What all you need to do is that you will have to enter two words shown by Captcha box in captcha field while adding the comment. This will protect us from spam by auto-bots and will make things easy for you so that you can comment without being registered on website.

For ease the reCaptcha box provides the sound facility for the visually impaired or fully blind people, they can just listen and enter the words shown on Captcha image. So this change will not effect the blind readers. So keep reading the blog and keep saying your heart out by using comments facility.

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