Disk failure at the webserver, life goes on

Info Pakistan uses the leading web hosting services of Pakistan. The web hosting provider claims to biggest in the country and hosts the websites of many multinationals across the country.

Unfortunately they had a disc failure few days back on the server where the Info Pakistan was hosted along with some other sites. Disc failure means all data is gone and not recoverable. However its fortunate that the company had the backups on separate machine or disk. So they restored the data from there and most of data was back causing us the loss of a number of most recent posts.

Fortunately we had taken backup of site few days back by ourselves. So that also saved us few more posts but we had suffered with loss of few most recent posts. Few posts were lost by this disc failure and afterward we were busy taking the site back at work.

Most recent comments on few posts as well as most recent customizations were also lost. So feel free to submit your comments back again. We will keep working to bring you the latest information and improving the website for you.

Thank you for sticking to us in our bad times!

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