Another opportunity for Pakistanis to get along and share it all

Once again fulfilling our promise of more and more features for our visitors we are here with another opportunity for Pakistanis to get along, discuss their problems and share their thoughts. We proudly present infoPakistan discussion forums. Forums are intended to for discussions to share, discussions to hear, solve others’ problems and discussions to decide on certain matters of nation’s interest.

We know their is long journey ahead of ourselves to get something positive out of this, we need your support here, join forums, start posting useful stuff, start hearing and sharing and soon this place will match no other. When we say our vision to make this site “Every Pakistani’s home on Internet” we are not only saying it but but working hard to make it happen. Introducing forums is just next milestone. But still the point is, we don’t have any interest in lots of visitor traffic to our website but more interest in what someone is getting back from us in return.

We intend to keep you update, provide you best tools to interact and finally want you live your lives happily by helping each other. Its your turn now, be the first to join and initiate the process.

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Discussion Forums are now discontinued, this was not appropriate to have them on this moment however we are building few other services which will replace the need for forums. For now keep commenting on our posts as well as send any articles or info to our contact email if you want to share it.

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