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Electricity Load Shedding in Pakistan continues even in winter 2014 even with new PMLN led government

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Its winter 2o14, a new political party is in Power as result of elections held in early 2013. Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) which had done many promises with people of Pakistan including the resolving the power, gas and other kinds of energy crisis in Pakistan during their tenure.

Now its more than half a year but people have not got any relief yet. Pakistan is observing a load shedding which is even worse than last year. In urban areas this load shedding is 10 hours day and in rural areas it ranges from 12 to 18 hours a day. Government first claimed that all of this load shedding is due to annual canal closure but recently a news reported that Government have payed off held payments to some of power companies. So here definitely PML-N led government is hiding facts from people.

People are fed up with this load shedding in long hours even in winter when the country wide demand of Power is only 11000 Megawatts (MW), it is believed that things would be much worse in summer season when the overall countrywide demand of electricity is 16000 MW or above. Despite lots of big claims in election campaign by Sharif brothers, they have not been able to control the power crisis. Only thing they have done is increased the power tariffs drastically with most impact coming on segments which are using 100 to 300 units of electricity.

Lots of more power projects are being announced and its claimed that work is underway on lots, but the existing capacity is well above the required 11000 MW (Current Demand), but its somehow not being generated. Still the future promises and lollipops are being given to people.

According to a Wikipedia Article Pakistan have installed capacity of 21000 MW and Pakistan can generate electricity of minimum 14000 to 16000 megawatts easily. I have witnessed Pakistan generating 15500 or above MWs of electricity in last summer. So generating the 11000 MW in winter must be peace of cake. Just these politicians here don’t want public to come out of darkness otherwise this country is gifted with so much natural resources like coal, oil, gas and more by Allah. Only need is use them for betterment of nation. Same Wikipedia Article linked above states that Pakistan have capacity of generating 140,000 MW of electricity with just the winds blowing over its soil.

Hope these leaders get fair and provide people’s rights to them. People must also know how to demand what they deserve. This would be done by, first asking for the rights and asking questions from governing authorities, secondly by choosing the right people who can really change the fate of nation. Not choosing those who have already been tried and have not shown any good results in their tenure. On same time we hope that current government would realize soon that they would be voted again only if they solve the problems of people like Electricity Load Shedding, Gas Shortage, Law ‘n’ Order and much more.

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Why Resolving the Issue Of Power Shortage Is Critical for Pakistan or Any Other Such Country

power-shortage-issue-pakistan-wind-millsThere are countries of world which are planning to launch their next probe in outer space and thinking on the lines of reaching the far-flung places of the universe. Then there are countries in which people are deprived of their basic needs of modern world. Needs like uninterrupted supply of electricity for people to run their homes as well as businesses.

Yes, I am talking about Pakistan and other countries which have not been able to resolve their basic issues like uninterrupted supply of electricity. Unfortunately the reason of not achieving the uninterrupted supply of electricity doesn’t have to do anything with their ability to afford. But it is more related to having the corrupt leaders elected in elections from last few decades who have much more to do with their own selves other than the real issues of people of Pakistan.

Whatever the reasons are, its time that Pakistan resolves their energy crisis and the reasons are as follows,

  • The energy crisis in countries like Pakistan end up affecting the industries. As interruptions in power supply either make the factories underperformed in terms of production or in some cases they have to be closed. This affects the production and ultimately becomes a big dent on exports of the country. Also the unemployment rate, which is already a big problem, keeps rising even faster.
  • Lifestyle and living standards of people come down very much. In countries like Pakistan, the less of people can afford their own UPS or generators, so many have to wait for electricity to do next task.
  • Health issues definitely arise when electricity load shedding of 12 to 20 hours is in place and heat is jumping above the 40 degree Celsius mark.
  • Education sector is also affected, as its very difficult for students to concentrate on studies in temperatures above 40 degree Celsius and no electricity in their homes to cool them down. Also any online research is definitely not possible during the hours of electricity load shedding.
  • Not only students but professionals who want to grab work from online freelancing websites and then want to coordinate with clients are also badly affected, resulting in loss of money for them. This results in economy of country coming down when masses have this same issue.

It is now time that the newly elected government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) recognizes all these disadvantages of electricity load shedding or uninterrupted power supply of electricity and gives an instant relieve to its people. After all the people of Pakistan or other such countries must enjoy same facilities as the developed countries of world who were last found getting ready to send next voyager craft in outer space.


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Worst electricity load shedding being witnessed by Pakistani people after elections

electricity-loadshedding-pakistanThe two days of elections were electrifying for nation as on two election days the uninterrupted supply of electricity was provided to the nation, many people seem happy that just two day, but they got some time with uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Now elections are long gone and nation is back into the worst of darkness again. The electricity is just seen for 6 to 9 hours a day in cities of Pakistan, don’t even bother asking about remote rural areas. People where were thinking to improvement of things are pushed into worst of darkness. Elected parties still did not came into power yet but the caretakers are doing worst at this time. Country really can feel that it is being run by Zardari, remember Zardari led government did not done any good for country in last five years and people of Pakistan rightly punished Zardari’s Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) by not voting for this party in three of four provinces making PPP the party of just Sindh province.

Now people of Pakistan are experiencing worst of all time load shedding of electricity. Though I had voted for other party but all my hopes now are associated with the winning Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N). This party is soon coming in to the power. I will hope that they will resolve this electricity issue as soon as they come into power. I have what so ever no hopes at all from Mr. Zardari or the care takers.

PML-N will now have to perform to regain the same kind of mandate they got in these elections. I wish them best of luck and wish that they can resolve this problem (along with other issues Pakistanis are facing) as soon as they come in to power. Remember people of Pakistan are more aware then ever now, so please perform. May Allah help people of Pakistan and help them in resolving their problems.

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Electricity Load shedding gone worse in Pakistan as the caretaker government took over the country

electricity loadshedding pakistan April 2013Now a days people of Pakistan specially Punjab are facing the worst electricity load shedding of history comprising more than 12 hours daily. This is due to the worst performance of previous government. They have done noting to solve the country’s biggest problem, which is shortage of electricity. Things were even better before the previous government of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and gone worse due to non payment of fuel to the stakeholders providing fuel to electricity generators. They kept taking the bills from consumers but not payed the cost of fuel, each month they were owing more than previous to fuel providers, circular dept increased, which resulted in partial or full closure of some powerhouses.

As the PPP government is gone and caretaker government took over under the Zardari (Co-Chairman of PPP) as president, things gone even worse. Now electricity is not available for more than 12 hours for both Industries as well as the household consumers. This increased the problems of Pakistani people even further. Also Industries as well are not operational even on half of their production capacity, resulting in tremendous loss to individuals as well as country on exports against the potential revenue we can earn by that.

Also, as the very basic element for Industries to run, the electricity, is not available for them, the foreign investment is no more coming in. Previously invested foreign money is either long gone or inverters are pulling out right now. There are less hopes that the current caretaker government will do any good for now, people of Pakistan will have to look up to the upcoming government to be elected by the Pakistan general elections 2013 to be commenced on 11 May, 2013.

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Electricity load shedding situation brought under control says Minister for Water and Power

The Pakistani minister for water and power Naveed Qamar told the media last night that they have to some extent controlled the load shedding situation and the production is brought to 12400 Megawatts (MW) from the 9000 MW which was being produced before. By the way, does someone did not told minister that the production was down to just 7500 MW, same thing had caused the worst short fall of history.

Minister Naveed Qamar also claimed that the production will be back to 14000 MW within next 48 hours. I personally doubt that, as about same is the requirement of country’s power requirement, considering the load shedding which had been there from long time without any pauses, you can tell that the full of required power’s amount had not been produced from long time. So how suddenly the minister can claim that they will suddenly be producing the full amount of required electricity.

If they do succeed in that, then why after people woke up and came up with protests. Why it did not happened. By the way the production capability of much more than 14000 MW is already there in Pakistan, according to government’s own released documents Pakistan have capability of producing 19500 MW. Then why just the one third of required electricity amount was being generated.

As government came up with excuses like supply of Oil to power plants and circular dept. If we see closely the issues are just the same but thing to understand here is that these problems are produced by government itself or just by their mismanagement. The oil provider PSO is government entity, as well as the biggest defaulters of PEPCO are also government entities like province governments themselves, which contribute to circular dept. So if government would have been serious or competent enough, they must have took steps to improve the communication between its departments like PSO and PEPCO  as well as its water management authorities. Secondly, they would have taken the steps to perform the recoveries from the big fishes like departments of government itself to improve the circular dept situation.

If communication between these departments would have been better than, PSO never would have stopped the oil supply triggering the worst load shedding of history, also water authorities would have released the enough water when it was required by the PEPCO’s production entities. By the way if government would have coped with the circular dept situation on time then none of those problems would have been there.

Lets see if government still gets able to produce the required 14000 MW for now but to me this claim by Naveed Qamar the minister seems like just the empty claim, like the ones which have been coming from same government in 2009, then 2010.

Bottom line, without addition of new power production plants, still Pakistan have capability to produce much more electrical power than required one, if some problems are there, they are just on managerial level and are only due to the incompetence of authorities. Pakistani people deserve to be given the uninterrupted electrical power, which this government is not being able to provide but they better do something about it soon.

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