300 kidnapped by Taliban in North Waziristan

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According to details, about 300 students, teachers and their relatives who were traveling in shape of convey in north waziristan were kidnapped by Taliban this Monday. A driver successfully escaped and the students told the people who kidnapped their fellows and teachers are Taliban militants.

They added that the number of people who are kidnapped are around 300. Additionally in two m0re such incidents students and cadets have been kiddnaped by Taliban in two different areas.

Curfews eased in Mingora and seven other towns of swat

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After securing Mingora curfew was already eased in Mingora, now curfew is eased seven other towns of swat. As in war zone there were some people who were caught in their homes, this opportunity will help them in getting out from their homes and go for a normal life again. As as the curfews eased now people from camps also can start getting back to their own homes.

The towns where curfews were eased include towns of Bahrain, Madyan, Fatehpur, Khwazakhela, Matta, Alpurai and district of Shangla. Although easing up the curfew will help area residents a lot in moving freely and coming back to normal life routine but this will come up with some risk of militants targeting people.

As the operation continues, army secures more areas and wipe out more militants, curfews in other areas are expected to be easen up and people will then be allowed to get back to their areas.

Swat operation Rahe Rast is going to end in 3 days

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Secretary Defense Syed Ather Ali, while he was in Singapore told that swat operation will be completed in coming 3 days at most. According to him Pakistan Army have almost secured 90% of area all over swat and wiped out most of Taliban militants.

According to him the remaining Taliban millitants will be cleaned out in the upcoming 3 days and with this swat operation will be completed and called off.

Pakistan army now secures mingora completely

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Pakistan army have now taken complete control over Mingora. Previously some resistance were being observed from some of the areas of Mingora but now Pakistan Army have secured whole area by completely wiping out the all Taliban, their residences and training camps.

As the operation continued the Taliban themselves started to move back and given over the control to Pakistan army, during the process lots of them who were providing resistance were also killed. As Mingora is the largest area of swat, so having its control back is a big success.

US Defense offers Pakistan help in war against taliban militants

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US Defense Secretary Robert Gates while commenting on Pakistan’s Military offensive against Taliban have offered Pakistan military aid and training to the troops having war against the militants. He have not clearly told that they are ready to send the on ground troops but his point was that they are committed to give out other military aid and training to troops from Pakistani security forces.

This was said on saturday, he also shown his satasfaction about the on going operation by Pakistan Army. He also told that we will only help incase Pakistani people are willing to get help from us, he said ‘We are very sensitive to Pakistan’s sovereignty and eager to be helpful, but only as the Pakistanis want us to be helpful.’

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