Youtube first fully and now partially banned in Pakistan, Ban imposed by Govt of Pakistan

On Sunday youtube was again total down for users all over Pakistan. PTCL blocked it for all other ISPs country wide. Also other ISPs having their own Internet wireless or wired links with other countries were instructed to ban the site. The full website ban lasted about 40 minutes to an hour.

Later website was back except for few videos. Ban was imposed to restrict the Asif Ali Zardari’s shut up videos. President Zardari was addressing people in a public address, few people who were apparently distracting and trying to get President Zardari’s attention, Zardari gone angry on them and told them openly to shut up during his speech.

Now people cut up this portion of speech – including the portion in which the president of country telling the public to shut up – and uploaded these videos to youtube.

After a while when these videos spread like fire and people were sharing these to their friends and relatives, mr. Zardari probably got embarrassed by this and ISPs were told to block this video.

Rightly so, as being president of the country how could you tell your public to shut up and in a public speech. What message you are sending other countries.  This thing more fired up when these videos were blocked country wide. But their are not many things that Zardari administration can do about this, because the videos are still available worldwide and even in Pakistan people can see them using other means like proxy websites.

However if you try to access those specific videos directly using youtube address a page appears with text “This Site is Restricted” centered on the screen.

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2 thoughts on “Youtube first fully and now partially banned in Pakistan, Ban imposed by Govt of Pakistan

  1. Please block “You Tube” Website,

    You Tube k is Link
    mein Rasool Allah (Sallal Laho Alaihi Wasslam) k cartoon ki pictures uploaded hain (Naozubillah)
    or hum nahi chahtay k Pakistan mein koi bhi is video ko dekh kr apna Eman kharab kare.

    Best Regards,

    Muhammad Irfan

    1. For this we can do few things as,
      1. Report video on Youtube Moderators, you can do it by following steps
      a. Click the flag icon below the video
      b. Select “hate or abuse content” > “promotes hatred or violence”
      c. Then another dropdown will appear, select ‘religion’ from it,
      d. Below in the description box describe why this is offensive for our religion.
      e. Finally submit it to

      As soon as they notice it, they will remove that video.

      Next thing we can do is report this particular link to PTA, the email address is: , they will block this link in Pakistan. However, more appropriate is to report on youtube site, even if its blocked by PTA in Pakistan, content will be visible to whole world, more appropriate is more and more people report this or any kind of these videos offensive to youtube, so they are removed permanently.

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