Youtube comes with TEXTp video format on april fools day

Youtube which is a google’s product came up with a new TEXTp format for videos on youtube. You can select this from same place where you can select the video resolution like 360p or 480p or higher. This is only available for videos with resolution more than 360p. To watch any of the video in this mode make sure its more than 360p resolution and add &textp=fool on end of video url and it will show the video in text format. i.e. everything in video will be composed of the text. Following is screen capture of a TEXTp video, According to them this will save the broadband costs for them, as more and more people will engage them watching the […]

Youtube first fully and now partially banned in Pakistan, Ban imposed by Govt of Pakistan

On Sunday youtube was again total down for users all over Pakistan. PTCL blocked it for all other ISPs country wide. Also other ISPs having their own Internet wireless or wired links with other countries were instructed to ban the site. The full website ban lasted about 40 minutes to an hour. Later website was back except for few videos. Ban was imposed to restrict the Asif Ali Zardari’s shut up videos. President Zardari was addressing people in a public address, few people who were apparently distracting and trying to get President Zardari’s attention, Zardari gone angry on them and told them openly to shut up during his speech. Now people cut up this portion of speech – including the […]