Pakistanis waited long to bring change and revolution through elections

Last few decades have been heavy on Pakistanis as nation. Specially as time passed things gone worse from bad. Things crossed the limit when Zardari led Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) came in to power this last time. Corruption was on its upper limits in last five years, economy was going bad, shortage of sugar and wheat was created, lately Pakistanis have been experiencing the shortage of Natural Gas and Electricity. Through all these problems Pakistanis as nation hanged on and wanted to bring change through elections. Some violent protests seen but they were nothing as compared to what happened in middle east. While riots were on the peak in middle east like Libya,  Pakistanis were waiting for next elections, so […]

Why political change is only hope for Pakistan

The problem I am going to discuss here is very well known to each and every Pakistani. But still there are people who knowingly or not knowingly discredit this idea of change and insist on going with people who we have been trusting in the past. As we just entered the June 2012, Pakistan is still going through the worst of its times. We are having issues of rapid shrinking economy, worst GDP growth of all times, problems of having the Power and Gas shortages, worst electricity and gas load shedding ever, lack of education, health, justice for people of Pakistan, Inflation and what not. What current PPP government have done to relieve people of Pakistan from all their problems, […]