US missile strike over South Waziristan Kill 50

In recent US drone attacks about 50 people killed in south waziristan. However the DG ISPR Major General Ather Abbass claimed this number is 20 to 30 people. It is claimed that in the killed people there is a Taliban commander. The drone craft fired missile over the people who were gather for a funeral in Mehsud’s northwest tribal stronghold.

In these areas as due to one have to clearly differentiate between who is militant and how is a normal citizen, Pakistan is not using their airforce and more relying on the army. So helicopters are being used for help of people on ground. But how does a drone craft from too much height can be sure of if its targeting the militants or innocent people. In some cases they may have targeted people correctly but in others I am sure the innocent people suffered.

If US really wants to help Pakistan in this war they must organized some meetings and must ask how they can help, instead of launching attacks on people themselves.

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