United States again with Drones in Pakistani Air-Space

Drone Craft
Drone Craft

US drones were again seen Pakistan Airspace. They fired two guided missiles on a house in south Waziristan killing the 8 people. Also 6 more people were injured in the incident. Apparently the drone attack was intended to hit the Taliban militants in the area but US have no right to launch such attacks on Pakistani soil without the proper permission and coordination with Pakistani Government.

US already have bad habit to jump into others’ problems and make thing worse. Pakistan government have already stated that such attacks are against the sovereignty of the Nation and causing more problems in tackling the issues in the area.

When a big portion of Pakistan Army and other security forces backed with gunships are up to clean the area from militants such unwanted US drone attacks don’t make sense. They should tackle with their own problems and let Pakistanis do their job on their own to clean any militants from the area, as they are fully capable of this. They may be doing good but unknowingly they may hit any innocents as previously reports came about women and children being died via these same kind of drone attacks.

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