Traffic plan for Pakistan vs England test match in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium 1st to 5th Dec 2022

England’s cricket team is on visit to Pakistan. As part of their visit, along with other matches, they will play a series of three test matches. First test match will start on 1st Dec, 2022 at 10 am in Rawalpindi, it will be played in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium and as per test cricket rules it will end on 5th of december, unless otherwise if any of emerges victorious before the end of match.

In this regard, City Traffic Police Rawalpindi (CTP RWP) have come up a traffic management plan which will be effective on all five days during the match hours. This traffic plan includes completely closing some road for traffic flow, for safety and security of players, spectators and all kinds of staff. It also includes providing diversions to keep the flow of traffic as normal as possible and minimize any pressure on adjacent road after the stadium road will be blocked.

It is good to see that traffic police took the time to plan things ahead of time and is working to make lives easier by minimizing any traffic disruptions caused by the match. CTP RWP shared a map via their social media accounts as well as a video explaining the whole traffic plan.

Pak vs Eng Test Match Traffic Plan Map

You can see the map below and you can scroll further down to see the video explaining the traffic plan for the Pakistan vs England test match further below in this same article.

Details of Traffic Plan for test match

Following are some details of traffic plan for the test match, including restricted areas and more.

Restricted Areas & Road Closures

  • Stadium Road, which is also known as Double Road, will be closed for all kinds of traffic during the match hours, right from morning until evening.
  • Murree road will remain open for all kinds of traffic mostly, just with the exceptions of timings of arrival and departure of both cricket teams.


  • Traffic that normally uses Stadium Road / Double Road to reach Islamabad from Rawalpindi, will instead use first Faizabad and then IJP Road to reach 9th avenue and will continue from there.
  • Traffic coming from Islamabad using 9th avenue will use Saidpur Road instead of Stadium Road / Double Road to enter Rawalpindi and go towards Murree Road or wherever.

Parking for Spectators

  • Spectators coming from Rawalpindi will park their motorcycles and vehicles at Civil Association Authority Ground.
  • Spectators coming from Islamabad via saidpur road will go on to college chowk 5th road and park their motorcycles and vehicles at Government Satellite Town College.
  • Note: All spectators will be provided with shuttle to travel from parking to Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium and back.

Further Details

CTP RWP also tweeted the above shared map along with the instructions in urdu on their official twitter account, if you are interested, following is the tweet.

Also this time City Traffic Police Rawalpindi gone one step further and shared a video on their facebook page, that video explains the traffic management plan for test match between Pakistan and England in Rawalpindi comprehensive details, video is as follows.

Though CTP RWP have taken many measures to keep traffic normalized during the match, however, still due to closure of Stadium Road / Double Road there will be traffic pressure on other roads indeed. Also due to movement of spectators, teams, staff and media related people, adjacent roads are expected to remain busy.

So, if you are planning to visit those areas during 1st to 5th Dec 2022, try to avoid the match starting timings, which are 10 am and also ending timings in evening. Also plan to reschedule your visit to other days, if possible. Otherwise try to stick with the diversion plan released by CTP RWP described above in details.

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