Traffic plan for Pakistan vs England test match in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium 1st to 5th Dec 2022

England’s cricket team is on visit to Pakistan. As part of their visit, along with other matches, they will play a series of three test matches. First test match will start on 1st Dec, 2022 at 10 am in Rawalpindi, it will be played in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium and as per test cricket rules it will end on 5th of december, unless otherwise if any of emerges victorious before the end of match. In this regard, City Traffic Police Rawalpindi (CTP RWP) have come up a traffic management plan which will be effective on all five days during the match hours. This traffic plan includes completely closing some road for traffic flow, for safety and security of players, spectators and […]

Islamabad Traffic Violation Fines in Detail, imposed by Islamabad Traffic Police

Currently following fines are being imposed by Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) on anyone driving/using the roads of Islamabad city for the traffic violations listed below. ¬†Exceeding prescribed Speed Limit (Rs. 200) Carrying Passengers in public service vehicle exceeding permissible limits (Rs. 200) Violation of manual traffic signals (Rs. 200) Disobeying traffic signals Amber Flashing (Rs. 100) Red Thinking (Rs. 200) Red Light (Rs. 500) Overloading by public transport (Good Carrier) (Rs. 300) Driving a vehicle exceeding prescribed weight limits or overloading of goods 15% in excess of Limits (Rs. 500) Overloading of passengers 30% in excess of permissible limits (Rs. 200) Overloading where prohibited (Goods) (Rs. 300) Overtaking where prohibited (Rs. 200) Failure to yield the right of way to […]