Too many divides for Pakistanis

Too much divides amoungst pakistanisI was just thinking as a Pakistani nation we have created too many divides amount our selves. We call us Pakistanis and mostly Muslims but still are divided too much. These divides are not only limited to our religion or sects, cost/creed are also bases of these divides. That is not all, most recently we are witnessing divide on bases of politics.

Voting a political party is one thing but if you are a common man/woman, creating a divide on base of which party you voted is bit too odd. Before and after last elections we witnessed, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) have emerged as two of biggest parties in country. PML-N secured approximately 15 million votes according to records and PTI have secured about half of what PML-N have got on paper.

Now presence of supporters of these both political parties on Internet is considerable, both have their own political official / non-official social media pages and presence. But it is seen that supporters of both parties are busy ridiculing each other. It looks like we have made ourselves a new divide which we honestly had no need of at this very moment. Why we people (awam) are so much politicized, voting a party is one thing but on base of which party you voted, fighting on social media and abusing each other is another.

Each of us just need to keep an eye on which party is doing what and wait for next elections so we can let them learn our verdict. On social media or in real lives fighting each other and specially abusing each other will do us no good but will bring bad name for our country. World is watching us, specially on social media, lets just be united and do things positively.

After all those artificial divides we have made of Cost, Creed and Religion amongst us, we just really need need to get rid of this new political divide.

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