Too many divides for Pakistanis

I was just thinking as a Pakistani nation we have created too many divides amount our selves. We call us Pakistanis and mostly Muslims but still are divided too much. These divides are not only limited to our religion or sects, cost/creed are also bases of these divides. That is not all, most recently we are witnessing divide on bases of politics. Voting a political party is one thing but if you are a common man/woman, creating a divide on base of which party you voted is bit too odd. Before and after last elections we witnessed, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) have emerged as two of biggest parties in country. PML-N secured approximately 15 […]

Now others have to tell Pakistan to solve our own problems

It is unfortunate but it is true that the current political party of Pakistan in power called Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have lived up to its reputation of incompetency in every trait of life, other than identifying and rectifying the problems which their country is facing, they lately seem to be causing the situations where others seem to telling us what our problems are and how we have to solve them. One such situation came forward when recently US secretary of state Hillary Clinton visited Pakistan and in one of her public speeches she said and I quote United State can not and should not solve the problems of Pakistan, Pakistan have to identify their own problems and have to […]