Thirty thousand more troops for Afghanistan being considered by US

US Troops in AfghanistanSeems like some brain storming is going on the US strategy by US president Obama and the possibilities being considered also include sending 30000 more troops to the Afghanistan. Earlier it was recommended by the Commander of US and Nato Forces in Afghanistan Gen Stanley that no more than 40000 troops should be sent to Afghanistan at most.

Reminding that already 67000 US troops there in Afghanistan and also the additional 40000 allies also working together in the region. This increase if acted upon will increase the count of US troops to 97000 which make 137000 troops in Afghanistan.

At times when US must act upon or devise a strategy to deal with all to be done in Afghanistan and then pull out all the forces giving all controls back to the locals, they are up to increase the troops in the region and with no clear plans about when they are going to leave.

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