PakWheels sell it for me service now expands to Gujranwala

In a latest move have expanded the ‘Sell it for Me’ service for the potential customers in the city of Gujranwala. PakWheels offers this service in several cities of Pakistan already. These cities include Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Faisalabad. Now finally, PakWheels expanded to Gujranwala. What is PakWheels Sell it for Me Service? Well, selling a used car is a hassle. You snap pictures, then put it up for sale on some website with an ad, then lots of calls start coming. Sometimes calls are from a serious buyers, sometimes the callers are not very serious. Also people try to get what you have at lower price than what it is worth. Specially, receiving too many calls […]

PakWheels Sell it for Me service now launched in Faisalabad

PakWheels, which started with website, is now a big company which not only offers many services in its website but also lots of physical services (outside the scope of websphere) are now offered by PakWheels. PakWheels started with classifieds ads network for cars and other vehicles, then PakWheels forum was added to the site, later on PakWheels blogs, new car prices and much more. If you talk of out of web activities, they started with auto shows and meetups of car enthusiasts. Later on Car Mela events started where people gather on specific place on specific date in a specific city Pakistan and buy and sell the vehicles. Car inspection service was later on added. There is lots more […]

PakWheels launches car registration and transfer service in Pakistan

PakWheels is an organization of Pakistan which started as just a website with domain name but now it is much more than just a website. They organize different kind of events in different cities in all over Pakistan. Also they sponsor any car related events of initiatives of government like rallies etc. In addition organizing and sponsoring the events and rallies, PakWheels offers different services to consumers which make their lives easier. These services include PakWheels ‘sell it for me’, PakWheels ‘auction sheet verification’ for second hand imported cars, PakWheels ‘car inspection’ and more. Most recently PakWheels have introduced one more service, which is called PakWheels car registration service. However, this is car registration and transfer service. So, for […]