Declining Pakistani Rupee and its Affect on Foreign Depts Pakistan have

All the good things which Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) claims to have done, they would have keep tabs on the declining Pakistani Rupee. It is a fact that Pakistani rupee was not stable even before PML-N’s era but as soon as PML-N came into power, the depreciation kept going on and even accelerated at moments. Normally when this happens, if state bank of Pakistan intervene and put out some US Dollars in the Market against Pakistani currency things settle down. But in this case first no move was came from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Later on they did came in with a move to control the value of depreciating Pakistani Currency but that long due move came […]

Pakistani Rupee further deteriorates against US Dollar

Rupee further depreciated against US dollar and other currencies recently. Against dollar it reached as high as 89 Rupees per dollar. In current financial year which apparently just barely started, rupee have deteriorated 3% as compared to its worth at start of year. This clearly shows the worsening economy and loss of control of current government on economy of country. In era of Pakistan Peoples Party in government economy and rupee have only seen down fall. As before current government dollar against rupee had just risen 20 Rs per dollar in more than 10 years but since Pakistan Peoples party took charge, die to mismanagement rupee have dramatically lost its worth in just 2.5 years and dollar have risen 29 […]