BBC released the drone footage of Battagram Cable Car Incident

In certain areas of KPK province of Pakistan, due lack of road infrastructure, the students and teachers have to use the cable cars to reach schools in the morning. These cable cars are suspended thousand feet or more higher from ground. Couple of days ago, when six students and two teachers of KPK were using a similar cable car to go to school, two of the cables snapped and only one cable was holding all the weight. This cable car was suspended more than 900 feet higher from the ground level. In such situation, when two cables broke, it was very difficult for the cable car to operate. So, as this incident took place in the early morning, the rescue […]

8 passengers of Battagram cable car including children rescued

A cable car incident have took place in Battagram in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa early morning, when two cables of a cable car were snapped. Cable cars in the area are used to for transportation. So, the school going children were using this cable car to reach their school, as per their routine. So after two cables snapped in the early morning on August 22, 2023, total eight people were stuck in cable car, thousands of meters high from ground, between mountains, on top of the valleys. Until noon no one had been rescued. However, lateron army aviation took charge, in first few tries, they were not able to stabilize and hover their helicopters near the suspended cable car due to low air […]

33 miners trapped underground for months in Chile have been rescued

In Chile 33 people were trapped 700 meters underground 69 days ago in a mine collapse. They have been trapped for 17 days without anyone on surface knowing about them, are they even alive or not. But on 17th day the first contact was made and it was via a phone set normally used by miners when working inside mine. Soon the rescue efforts were started by starting to dig down the tunnel to exact place where they were trapped. Soon after completion of that part the real rescue effort involving the pulling out each of miners one by one, started about 21 hours ago. They used a capsule connected to a puli-system to rescue each of person. On each […]