Bahria town Drag battle Fest 2010, Drag racing event in Islamabad

A drag racing event is being organized at Bahria Town Phase 8 Islamabad on 28th of Feb 2010. First of such events was also organized in Bahria town last year 2009 and was proved to be very successful without any mishap of any kind. This event is named as Bahria Town Drag Battle Fest 2010 and will be starting at 11 O clock in the morning. If you want to participate in the event your car the registration fee is Rs. 1500 only. For audience the ticket is just 100 Rupees. The participants will park cars in their own slots in a way that audience will have the chance to meet them personally and discuss about their cars. Additionally event […]

Road Map from Islamabad to Murree

From Islamabad to Murree is simple route via new express way. It is about 40 KM from Northern end of Islamabad which is called Barakaho. Expressway ends you up on mall road murree in 30 mins if you don’t follow the speed limit signs but better follow them for your own safety and you will reach there in 1 hour at most. Subscribe to our email updates and Twitter, Facebook pages from sidebar on right of this page.

Roadmap from Islamabad to Khewra, Map from Lahore to Khewra

Are you planning a round trip to Khewra from anywhere in Pakistan? Well this map will help you reach the correct place. So don’t forget to take a print with you. From Islamabad or Lahore you can use three ways. – First the motorway M2 then exit from motorway at Kalar Kahar interchange and follow the Map to the Khewra Salt Mines. – Second get on Islamabad to Lahore GT road, exit the GT road from Mandara, go to Chakwal and follow the Map to Khewra. Its about 40 KM from Chakwal. – Third Exit the Islamabad Lahore GT road at Jehlam and follow the Map to Khewra Salt Mines. If you are going from Islamabad, use First or Second […]

Roads and bridges network at faizabad Islamabad

Above is the satellite view of the bridges and roads in Faizabad area of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It actually manages huge traffic in great manner. I think its the only one of its kind in Pakistan or at least in Rawalpindi Islamabad. The point is that on more areas such plans must be thought of and executed. We all know many places which are always congested with loads of traffic and passing those places is a misery. So such plans may thought for those places as well. Traffic on roads will no keep increasing so thinking in advance is a better strategy. Feel free to post you comments. Subscribe to our daily update email as well as join our Facebook […]