Bahria town drag racing event April 2010

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Drag Racing Event in Bahria town
Drag Racing Event in Bahria town on 25 April 2010

This is the second drag racing event of Islamabad, Pakistan going to be held on 25th of April 2010 in Bahria Town Phase 8 Islamabad. The previous one held on same place two months ago in Feb 2010. This one seems bigger as the sponsors include ARY Television Channel, FM 100 Radio channel and Cine Pax. The previous one was also gone awesome but this one seems to be much more organized. There is proper seating arrangement this time which consists of 2000 seats.

The tickets of this event are available in Rs. 300 for individuals and for family of up to 5 people in 1000 on following places


– Haroon’s

– Ye Olde Hangout

– Book Fair

– Mr.Books

– Munchies


– Cinepax Jinnah Park

– Haroon’s Saddar

According to organizers 40 cars are going to be participating in this event and cars are coming from all over Pakistan. For more information on the event you can visit Organizers’ Official Website

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Bahria town Islamabad Drag racing event Drag Battle Fest Race Videos

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The most of race videos have been combined to bigger video which is posted below. This video covers the most of Drag races from the Drag battle fest Racing event which held in Bahria town on 28 Feb 2010. Hopefully we will be coming up with one or more such videos.

So here we go!

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Drag Battle fest pictures, the racing event held on 28 feb 2010 in Bahria Town

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Drag battle fest held in Bahria Town Phase 8 Islamabad, many racers from Rawalpindi/Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan have taken part in the race. Also a large number of audience was there to see the drag races. We will shortly be coming up with proper videos of event, for now here are following pictures of the event to give you an idea about the number of audience participating in the event as well as very few stills from races.

Islamabad Drag Racing Event Drag Battle Fest

bahria town drag racing event

The event was overall gone very well and was without any mishap of any kind, was off course organized well. We will be soon coming up with the video or two covering most of the races of the event, so hang on.

Bahria town Drag battle Fest 2010, Drag racing event in Islamabad

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A drag racing event is being organized at Bahria Town Phase 8 Islamabad on 28th of Feb 2010. First of such events was also organized in Bahria town last year 2009 and was proved to be very successful without any mishap of any kind. This event is named as Bahria Town Drag Battle Fest 2010 and will be starting at 11 O clock in the morning.

Bahria town drag racing 2010 -Drag Battle Fest
Bahria town drag racing event - Drag Battle Fest

If you want to participate in the event your car the registration fee is Rs. 1500 only. For audience the ticket is just 100 Rupees. The participants will park cars in their own slots in a way that audience will have the chance to meet them personally and discuss about their cars.

Additionally event will also house the refreshment and automobile accessories stalls. Also there would be live music played to keep the audience enjoying the event. Executive enclosure is provided so that families can also participate in the event.

The participating cars have been divided into six categories. This division is on base of CC your car engine have got, minimum car must have 1000 cc to participate in this event. The categories start from 1000 as least value and go above to more than 3000 CCs. Following graphic gives full details about this.

Bahria town drag battle fest 2010 Categories
Bahria town drag battle fest 2010 Categories

As the event is scheduled on 28 Feb 2010 Sunday, so its great way to have fun on the weekend. Subscribe to our email updates and twitter, Facebook pages from right side of this page, to keep yourself updated.