For Australia vs Pakistan #CWC15 Match Google Releases a Doodle

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On different occasions and events world wide, either global or local to a country, the world search giant Google changes its logo creatively to depict the event or occasion in its logo. Meanwhile the word Google is always prominent in logo. Google calls all such logos the “Doodle” or “Google Doodle”.

Google have released one such Doodle for Australia vs Pakistan match is showing on Pakistan and Australia’s local Google Websites as well as the Google’s Global Website. Doodle is as follows.

Australia vs Pakistan Match Google Doodle for #CWC15 3rd Quarterfinal
Australia vs Pakistan Match Google Doodle for #CWC15 3rd Quarterfinal

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Pakistan Vs Australia – Hopes are High for the third Quarterfinal of #CWC15

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Pakistan Vs Australia CWC15

The start of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 (#CWC15) was really not encouraging for Pakistan. Pakistan won its first game against the arch rival India and than they also lost another match against slightly weaker opposition West Indies. After these two blows, the Pakistani cricket fans lost hope of Pakistan in #CWC15.

Meanwhile Pakistani cricket management including the Manager of Pakistani team, Captain and coach as well as the top management had to bear lots of criticism from Pakistani media as well as people of Pakistan. Media gone to extent of auditing the accounts of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) to show how much money (billions) were wasted for nothing.

I am not sure that was due to pressure described above, the things started looking up for Pakistan from that point onwards. Pakistan than won four games in row until now. One of them was a big game against a stronger team South Africa. So that way Pakistan survived in Cricket World Cup 2015 and qualified for Quarterfinal stage. Which at a point look difficult.

Now here we are ready to play our Quarter final against Australia. Our hopes are much higher as compared to earlier. After winning from South Africa our team proved that they can do upsets and claim the top place. However, we are going into Quarterfinal game with some setbacks like, Irfan, the top Pakistani bowler is injured and will not be able to play today. Also, we hope that our Misbah-Ul-Haq plays with less dot balls and keeps his run rate high. He is known for making good score in every game but have a much lower strike rate due to dot balls he just plays towards the fielders.

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Pakistan needs to win Coming Pool Matches with huge margin to Survive in Cricket World Cup 2015

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Pakistan Cricket Team Players CelebratingUntil now in ICC Cricket World Cup tournament Pool B Pakistan have won just one match from Zimbabwe and lost two, each against India and West Indies. Actually, Pakistan losing from West Indies was a big upset as West Indies was near bottom on world ODI (One Day International) Cricket ranking. Also, West Indies had lost from a more weaker team Ireland.

These two losses put Pakistan on back foot and now than again they made the match against Zimbabwe look tough, which is irony because Zimbabwe also in bottom pool of ODI rankings right now.

Now coming matches are against three teams, in these are two weaker teams like Ireland and UAE, plus another stronger team South Africa. South Africa is playing very good cricket in this current World Cup, so match against them will be real tough. They already scored more than 400 Runs in this World Cup. By that they have broken the world cup all time highest score record.

Pakistan which is lost from India from huge margin of about 70 something runs and lost from humongous margin of 150 runs from West Indies have net run rate in negative. So if Pakistan losses from South Africa than than Net Run Rate will decide whether Pakistan will go to next round of World Cup, which is Quarterfinals Stage.

So to avoid being kicked out from world cup Pakistan needs to win at least two matches of upcoming three matches, that too with much bigger margin. Otherwise, our team will be coming back home. Tomorrow morning at 6:30 am Pakistan Cricket team will take on UAE and according to odds there is much more chance that Pakistan will be victorious team. Now we have to see with how much margin we win the game of tomorrow. Winning with respectable margin is important, so best of luck.

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#IndVsPak is trending worldwide on twitter as Pakistan takes on India in Cricket World Cup 2015

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pakistan vs india cricket match of worldcup 2015India and Pakistan are now meeting in contest as part of Cricket World Cup 2015. India Pakistan Cricket match is always heated contest due to the rivalry both countries have against each other. Pakistan have won more matches against India but interestingly they have not won any game against India.

As both countries take each other on in the ground, people of both countries are interested in nothing else other than the victory of their country. Same is reason most population of both countries is in front of tv screens and across social media platforms the trends are like #IndVsPak or #PakVsInd not only locally but in lot of cases it is world wide.  Match is not at all one sided at the moment, so lets see who wins. Both teams playing very well.

Shehzad the Pakistani Batsman is trending worldwide on twitter

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Ahmed-ShehzadIt is all about the Pakistan Vs India game which is currently taking place. After India have given Pakistan the target of 301 to Pakistan to chase. The Pakistani opening batsman Ahmed Shehzad is doing very well with the partner Haris Sohail on the other end of wicket.

With too many tweets about Pakistan and India match, the name “Shehzad” is coming in too many tweets and he is though trending worldwide. If Pakistan wins today this man Ahmed Shehzad will have key role in that win.

This match is being played as Part ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2015 tournament that is currently being held in Australia and New Zealand. Due to the rivalry between India and Pakistan, the India Pakistan game always have the most viewership worldwide.