PTCL Launched 36Mbps CharJi Evo Wireless Internet but with unrealistic data limits

Recently PTCL have launched its next evo wireless device and claimed 36Mbps data transfer speed. Devices include normal EVO Dongle as well as Wifi cloud device to which different devices can connect using WiFi. Things are very much good till that point, after all we are getting unmatched wireless internet speed which none other have offered yet, but real problem arises when we look at data plans and their tariff which are as follows.

CharJi Evo Device

They are offering two packages at the moment, both are available in Prepaid/Postpaid plans

  • CharJi Gold – 50 GB Data Volume/Month – Charges: Rs. 3500/Month
  • CharJi Chrome – 25 GB Data Volume/Month – Charges: Rs. 2000/Month

After looking at two of these data planes anyone would say “Houston we have a problem”, because 36Mbps data speed and 50 GB data limit don’t look good together. 36Mbps means ideally 4.5 MB/s second download speed and 50 GB means 50×1024 MBs which is 51200 MB. So if you calculate based on data limit and speed, you will know that CharJi Evo 50 GB Package, on ideal claimed speed, can run out of its available data in just 3.16 hours and even half of that time for 25 GB package.

Still after that I am not saying that Evo CharJi is useless for all segments, there are users who just want to enjoy reliable fast browsing and some less downloads, for them these packages are good enough. But there are others like me who want to take full advantage of speed and want to watch some full HD videos, download some serious amount of data, for them if PTCL would have added some more packages like 500 GB/month or even unlimited than this connection would have made sense.

Following the official launch of 3G mobile networks in country PTCL have reduced the data limits of almost all of its existing evo packages, most probably to reduce their impact on Ufone’s (Ufone: a 2G/3G mobile operator owned by PTCL) 3G services. But then again launching a premium evo wireless service of 36mbps with biggest data volume package of just 50 GB does not make sense.

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2 thoughts on “PTCL Launched 36Mbps CharJi Evo Wireless Internet but with unrealistic data limits

  1. Implementing unreliable bandwidth volume cap on ptcL 3G evo now does make sense; to make the impression of unreliability on 3G and to look for another alternative source, on consumers, meanwhile, introducing the new product/service causing consumers to ultimately switch to the new CharJi Service as a proved efficient marketing strategy. 50GB/30GB bandwidth, obviously, has never been enough for people (students) like us who are engaged in utilizing the resources of Internet World. Even for non-geeks/ordinary-users, these bundles aren’t enough on such bandwidth. Misrepresentation in the name of FUP is just not RIGHT. There should be AT LEAST 200GB bandwidth cap of usage. This is just another example of undue advantage of unfair ptcL policies towards their lovely costumers.

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