How dengue works and how to be safe

Coping with dengue correctly is biggest challenge at the moment for people of Pakistan. 5000 people across Pakistan already affected by dengue fever and 31 of which died, as these were official figures so on ground situation may be even worse. It is very important to act correctly at the moment to be safe, so carefully read following information and share with people you care for greater good.

How dengue works/spreads?

Dengue virus spreads from person to person but not directly. In fact it can never transfer from one person to another directly. It do spread from one person to another but via mosquitoes trough following events.

  • A mosquito bytes a human with dengue fever and gets infected.
  • Infection grows inside the body of mosquito for seven days before it can infect another person.
  • After seven days of dengue virus infection growth in mosquito body, now if that mosquito bites another person then the virus gets transferred to that person and that person gets the dengue fever.

It is believed by some scientists that dengue virus first transferred to humans from the gorillas through mosquitoes.


Symptoms include severe fever itself, severe headaches, severe pains in muscles and joint, a specific kind of dengue rash, pin point red spots on some parts of body and sometimes may include bleeding from nose, eyes and mouth etc. Also it decreases the quantity of platelets in the body. Platelets are important for healing and help stop bleeding when someone gets injured. Same is reason that if some dengue fever patient gets a cut or a wound on his/her body it is difficult rather almost impossible to stop bleeding.


There is no vaccine/medicine brought forward that could coupe with dengue fever, however the dengue fever lasts about three to seven average in patients and they get well automatically. During the fever the bodies of affected people are injected with platelets taken from bodies of healthy people involving a procedure of cycling the blood out and back in the body of donor to separate some platelets for patient. Also as the temperature starts getting normal the platelets automatically start growing in the body of patient but its very important that patient stays very careful in terms of cuts and wounds during the fever.

How to be safe?

As it is spreads via mosquito, so it is very dangerous to have mosquito around these days, use all kinds of products to eliminate and keep mosquito away from you. The weak point on part of mosquito is that it have to grow the virus for seven days in its body before infecting another human being, same thing gives us power so that we have seven days to eliminate that one mosquito and if we are doing the right thing daily then it may be eliminated before it may infect another human being. After reading and understanding all of above info its time to declare war against mosquitoes, dengue fever and dengue virus. So make sure you do your part by acting upon following things.

  • Don’t let any kind of water be gather on open spaces near your home or offices etc.
  • Even be careful in watering in door plants at your home or workplace.
  • Sprays to prevent mosquitoes are must, government is on the move to do those kinds of sprays but if you could manage yourself near/inside your home, it would be great, as its reported that low quality solutions were used in government led sprays which are not effective in eliminating mosquitoes.
  • In rooms and closed indoor spaces use preferably electronic or other kind of products to eliminate mosquitoes.
  • Make it even harder for mosquitoes to even access indoor places.
  • Avoid unprotected public places.
  • Keep yourself covered.
  • Some people would also like to use products/solutions for their body parts to keep mosquitoes away but I not a fan of that method. However feel free to go for it.
  • Mosquitoes may be in more quantity near or on places with lots of plants, so try to avoid such places.
  • Raise the awareness about the issue by educating other, you can share this post with others in this regard.
  • Also do comment below, you can also share more info about dengue and ideas to stay safe from dengue via comments below.

Will keep updating this post if we have more info or ideas to stay safe.

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