Peace keepers shaken the peace in Quetta

When it comes to police department, the most honest people are meant to be in this department. You not only have to stop crime as part of your duty but you also need have fully aware of, or in fact have the moral and ethical values. Unfortunately the people of Pakistan in most areas lack their trust in the local police mainly because the culprits or bad fishes in the department who get able to make lots of extra money by illegal means, e.g. helping in the illegal acts etc. They are the people who subsequently jolt the normal public’s trust in the whole department.

Leaving the other things a side now few day back Quetta police seen in another kind of form. They were apparently out in form of a rally to demand the increase in their salaries. They rally would have been peaceful but that was not the case, they were seen burning the tyres, throwing stones at glasses of buildings and beating the hell out of people.

Their demands were very much legitimate but the way to demand was highly disgusting specially for police department which hold the responsibility for the countries peace. This weird display also shown that before are after appointing the people to police, in their training no attention is payed towards the moral and ethical training of the recruits.

Other reason which is also cause of keeping the more deserved people away from joining Pakistan police is the very low salaries of Pakistan police individuals. This low wage not only restrict lots from choosing this profession but also is cause of the police individuals adopting illegal ways to fulfill their needs.

In some cases they are even not payed to keep up for the costs of fuels of the vehicles used on work and costs of stationary used at work. This is again the case of mismanagement by current and few previous political parities who have been in the power.

Specifically the Quetta police was demanding the appraisal in their salaries according to the police salaries in other three provinces, according to them in their they were being payed half of what the people getting in other provinces of Pakistan. But still this does not give them license to wonder on roads as bullies and destroy the peace in the city.

So whats required here is appraisal of salaries of these individuals across the country to more acceptable level, increased checks and balances, more effective way of recruiting them, their ethical and moral training by telling the true essence of the greatness of their job if they do it the right way. Only capable individuals in power who really have interest in the wishes of the people of Pakistan who really love this country and want to see it developing everyday will be able to this other the a bag full of selfish and self centered politicians. May Allah bless Pakistan.

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