Pakistani Pranksters May Die Waiting for Help as it Never Comes

Emergency Services Rescue 1122 Pakistan

First things first, the title I have chosen is harsh and I tried to made it harsh just to keep you realize that you must do all actions carefully, anyone of them may come back to haunt you in a worst way. Going to main topic, I will sure explain how a prankster may die but read this important stuff very carefully. I came to know recently about 1122 Emergency services, which include Fire Brigade as well as Ambulance services, that people do lots of prank calls to 1122. They are not just few calls a day, they range from 1500 or above for a single location.

The very first problem with that is, if you are a prankster, your prank call (A fake call when service not needed) may take life of someone. In case like house on fire or someone having a heart attack or even a serious injury, every passing second is crucial. Quick availability/unavailability of service could mean the difference between life and death. Imagine a scenario when a prank caller is calling the emergency service like Rescue 1122 in Pakistan, he/she is keeping the lines busy, meanwhile someone calls rescue 1122 for getting help for a relative who is having a heart attack or a person who is seriously injured in a road accident, than even if on first try his/her call does not go through because of you, he/she is losing time. And this time is NO ordinary time, this means difference between life and death.

A person having heart attack must reach hospital in just 15 minutes from the moment he gets heart pain, even these 15 minutes are too much, after those he/she will get the heart damage which is not recoverable and may even cause death. For such patient even that first call to emergency service matters, so if someone is keeping line busy when he/she is not in need, its literally like killing person in need. Same with a road accident, delay or every second may mean the difference between life and death. Same goes for a house on fire. These are just few examples, a million different things may happen to someone, somewhere in today’s fast world.

So till here I have clearly established the fact that pranksters need to keep their hands off the emergence numbers, as they may be killing in the process, if they still call emergency service. My source have revealed that more often these prank callers are females calling and joking with on duty male staff. Even if male or female, if you are very much desperate, do keep your hands off the emergency numbers in any case.

Now how you may kill yourself or someone related by doing a prank call to emergency services, Lemme tell you how. My source revealed that they have started dealing with such prank callers who call services like 1122 in Pakistan. So what they do as first step is if you do them a fake call or a call just for fun, after such call they put your number in their Black List or Block List. Now, in future if you call 1122 or any such service again, your call will not be picked up. Even if your number is not immediately put into “Block List” it may later be added to one, when a supervisor hears past call records for quality assurance.

Now imagine a very realistic scenario, you done a prank call to service like 1122, your number is added is added to block list. Now later on, if you need to call for help, your call will never be picked up. Even if your house is on fire, you or someone related is having heart attack, brain stroke or whatever, no help is going to come. Also, do not plan things like I will call from different SIM or phone, you can’t plan future, each number even each SIM is important.

No matter you have 10 numbers and 2 land line numbers at home, at time of emergency you may have that specific number available to you and if you have misused it earlier it may cause you serious damage. It could be you, your spouse, parents, children or even pedestrian when you are on the go. So we as nation must quit indulging in such steps.

To summarize, here is what I tried to convey to you via this article today if you are a prank call who happen to prank call an emergency number

  1. A prank caller (even if calls duration is 10 seconds) is keeping line busy and meanwhile someone else who genuinely needs help is losing his/her crucial time. A short prank call may cause one or more deaths at spot, depends on type of emergency to people who need help.
  2. When you prank call an emergency number, your number may immediately or later on be blocked. Later on you when you need help for yourself or a relative, you will simply not be picked up. You may die waiting for help.

Also, keeping emergency lines busy is punishable, you may be prison or fined if such law gets implemented, my source also revealed that serious actions being planned for such callers.

Now, I will deem you inhuman and disgrace to humanity if after reading this you still get indulge in any kind of prank calling to emergency services. Plus I will appeal everyone to spread the word, try to create awareness in your friends/ your social circus. Do share this article or even if you met someone personally talk about this. If you witness any such act happening around you, just discourage it. Let behave like civilized nations and lets clear the emergency lines, so when we or our people need to use them, they can. Stay safe everyone, its world full of happenings.

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