Long hours of load shedding hits back Pakistan even in month of October

High Tension Power Polls in PakistanIt October 2014, temperatures are dropped very much as compared to months of June, July and August. The electricity demand have dropped too due to the lowered temperatures as compared to hot months of Pakistani summers. The Load Shedding had also gone very much down. But how can Pakistani corrupt governments be in peace if people start to live in that. In current case, from no where, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) led government thought that its been more than a month, Pakistanis are living in peace with relatively low Load Shedding and here we go, Load Shedding is back. Demand have not gone up this time, nor did the temperatures, but again the Nawaz Regime is unable to deal with circular debt.

A month ago government looted people by over billing them for a month, later responsibility was put on one single individual after whole Pakistan was over billed. This over-billed amount was used to deal with circular debt temporarily. Now as again as govt gets out of money, they were real fast to bring back Load Shedding.

Whatever excuses government comes with over and over again, one thing is for sure, and that is, government have not been able to make enough recoveries, no serious actions are being taken against non-payers of electricity bills and the load is being put on those people who are paying the bills already.

Its out of inability or corruption of Nawaz League, the country is again facing 8 to 14 hours of daily load shedding in just urban areas. One can imagine what would be situation in rural areas. Locals know that Load Shedding in rural areas is mostly few hours more than urban areas.

While there is a group chanting the slogans of “Go Nawaz Go” or found as #GoNawazGo hash tag on social media, its evident now that Nawaz (Prime minister of Pakistan) is failing its people. One month they are being overcharged and next month government shuts down many power plants due to inability to recover the electricity bills.

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