Pakistani Bloggers, What are they up to, Money or Origional content

Pakistani BloggersThere were times when there were few bloggers in Pakistan blog sphere, then came the time when there were a quite a number of Pakistani bloggers. Quality was the main concern those days and posts were almost original, word by word typed by blogger him/herself. First the existing blogs started monetizing their blog sites, quality was again main concern till that time and focusing on just quality these bloggers started earning some money via these existing blog sites using some advertising programs like “Google Adsense”, Kontera and few others.

But then after this Google Adsense thing got really popular, and people seen these bloggers making good money out of it then came new type of bloggers, these are not in tens, not in hundreds, but in thousands or in fact in hundreds of thousand. These new kind of bloggers don’t even bother to type a single word themselves but take a post from another blog, and thanks to bill gates they just use “Copy” and “Paste” functions. Some of them do enough that they provide a line before the post saying “originally posted on XYZ blog”. Now focus of these bloggers is nothing near to provide some original useful content but they more of like to make money on others’ posts.

Even if providing a link or saying in just a line that originally posted on xyz blog, if some one copies content from a particular blog it hurts the search engine ranking of original blogger. As Google and other search engines does not index the content which is published on more than one places. This way they can’t do any good for themselves and cost others a lot.

Getting back to the topic, if you want to find one of such bloggers you will really not have to search for a while, just look around a Pakistani blog aggregator (Common place indexing posts from many blogs) more then 50% of the posts will just be a straight away copy of some original blog posts. These copy/paste bloggers just make sure that their blog have some 20 to 30 posts and they will be enough to start making some good money via Adsense or other advertising programs. But this is originally not the case, these kind of bloggers can easily make few bucks but oh no, thanks to search engines they don’t really give much importance to posts by them and finally they personally don’t get able to keep up with this.

Coming up with new blog is really a very good thing, increasing number of blogs is in fact a really good thing as they can be much handy to publish things which are out of reach or don’t come in notice of other media.

e.g. “A Pakistani died in a reality show by Unilever” now due to the influence of the Unilever on advertising revenue of both print media and the tv channels, none of them bothered publishing this news, first it seen in Pakistani blog sphere and then after pressure from same blog sphere just very few of print media published this news.

So if we follow these golden rules stated below it would be great for all Pakistan blog sphere,

– A blogger can get an idea from another post on another blog and write what he/she thinks him/herself about the topic but can’t copy the whole post. Same in case of news, of course you have to get to know about that from another source but you have to deliver in your own words and only what you think about that.

– A blogger can not copy and paste a post from another post, and providing a single line saying “regionally posted by XYZ” is no excuse to copy others’ content.

– Only post original, informative and useful content, avoid posting for just increasing the number of total posts in your blog.

– Don’t post for money, just provide the original content and money will follow, otherwise you are the one who will be on losing end ultimately because it never work other way round.

Everything stated above does not mean that Pakistan Blog Sphere is full of copy/paste bloggers, in fact there are thousands of people who are already following the golden rules stated above. In fact the copy/paste blogger don’t even come in notice or if they, they just vanish from the scene very soon. So blog healthy and blog original, keep blogging.

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