Pakistan, Nation celebrates defense day

1965 WarToday 6th Sep, 09 Nation celebrated its defense day recalling the achievements of Pakistan Army, Navy and Air force in India-Pakistan War back in 1965. Back in 1965 before dawn India attacked Pakistan with thousands of troops initially triggering a proper war between two Nations. Pakistanis didn’t wanted war but they were fully ready to defend their country. Pakistani forces not only stopped but fully destroyed the attacking forces of enemy. Then again on 8th Sep, 65 India again attacked with about 500 tanks then Pakistani troops tied bombs with their bodies and just layed down in tanks way, blown themselves blowing all the tanks of India. This was the time when Indian forces were came in to capture the areas of Pakistan but they had to loss everything.

Not only this Pakistan Air force had also proved itself by initially destroying all the attacking Indian planes, afterwords in several missions Pakistan Air force had also destroyed dozens of Indian jets on ground in their country. Army, Navy and Air force, Pakistan was victorious all over.

This day is celebrated by Pakistani Nation every year recalling all those heroes who saved Pakistan and made a strong statement to the enemy that we are well capable of defending our country. Specially MM Alam from Pakistan Air force is recalled who had shot down 5 jet fighter air crafts  of enemy in just under one minute. He had destroyed down overall 9 Indian fighter Air crafts in that war of 1965.

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