Pakistan day reminds to have a revolution in the country

71 years ago we had collectively passed a resolution to have a separate country for us where we can freely live, freely follow our religion and our own culture. Today we are free country, we started 64 years ago to be exact on 14th of August 1947 we started out journey and realization of our dreams when we got what we wished for, a separate country where we live freely.

Today on “Pakistan day” or “Republic Day of Pakistan” when I see back, I see lots of achievements, but still we are not quite there yet. Now by force but by choice, or by choice of few culprits running the country who we have selected by our vote, we still have some way chosen to work for others.

We are being left behind in all traits of life, we are not provided with the good health facilities, literacy rate is shockingly low, the basic necessities of life like water, power is not available to lots. So in short we are in bad condition due to just the fact that we have choose a bunch of incapable losers to run the country, who are rather eating the country. Corruption is firing up on full cylinders in this country.

Above is the realization of what condition we are in, in this country, now we need to think what we can do to get out of this corruption culture and go out and compete the world. One biggest weapon in our arsenal is power of vote, we are already celebrating 64 years of Independence but we still have not learned to use our vote. Misuse of vote what we kept doing, same is reason we being pushed further into darkness year by year, so lets choose to use our votes correctly next time and choose right people for good.

Having said that, our current government have passed most of its time in power and less remained behind with elections coming in at most in two years. Elections campaigns will now be again at peak in few months, so first of all need to ask/analyst what current government have done for the country when they come back to us asking for votes. Next also need to choose right people, who are not given the chance earlier.

A revolution is required here now, the revolution have to be right way, not the bloodshed but awareness and education, that will fix other issues. Lets play our role, lets resist the culture of corruption, lets ask whoever have been in power, what they have done for country, what they have done for education, health, what infrastructure improvements they have brought, what they have done for betterment of common man of Pakistan. Does economic indicators gone up or down in their power span. Its time to known and ask for our rights.

Some responsibility also comes on our shoulders, the people of Pakistan, lets speak wherever we are witnessing, if something is happening bad, we got to speak. Also whatever we are doing, we need to do it well, with wholeheartedness and strive for the best, all to collectively take our country forward.

I insist that you people also provide your comments below the post, about our current situation, where we stand today and where we have to be in near future. Don’t hesitate to post anything relevant below and tell us what you think of whats all discussed above.

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