Call for action in the memory of Pakistan Resolution – Pakistan Day, 23 March, 2012

On 23 March, 1940 the Muslim minority of Indo-Pak  passed a resolution. The Muslims of subcontinent were having the hard time in getting the respect and rights they deserved from the ruling British and the Hindus of subcontinent who were in majority. Hindus and Muslims had so much social,cultural and religious differences, plus based on previous experiences, the Muslims of subcontinent region thought that after India will be free from the British rule, Muslim minority will be deprived from their rights and freedom, so they need to have a separate country in the areas where Muslims are in total majority.  After all how could Muslims who eat the Cow’s flesh and Hindus who worship the Cow could have co-existed. The […]

Pakistan day reminds to have a revolution in the country

71 years ago we had collectively passed a resolution to have a separate country for us where we can freely live, freely follow our religion and our own culture. Today we are free country, we started 64 years ago to be exact on 14th of August 1947 we started out journey and realization of our dreams when we got what we wished for, a separate country where we live freely. Today on “Pakistan day” or “Republic Day of Pakistan” when I see back, I see lots of achievements, but still we are not quite there yet. Now by force but by choice, or by choice of few culprits running the country who we have selected by our vote, we still […]

Happy Pakistan Day, Lets follow the dream

23rd March is celebrated as Pakistan Day every year here in Pakistan mainly because of the Pakistan resolution we passed back in 1940 on same date. This was the start of Pakistan Movement consisted of struggle for a new separate country for Muslims of Indian subcontinent  where they can live independently and peacefully without  any influence form Hindus and British who never treated us equal back in those days. Now we are living what our ancestors dreamed about 70 years back, at least we have our independence today and can do anything without any foreign influence if we want to. Congratulating you on all on this independence I would like to add that we have not fully achieved what was […]