Call for action in the memory of Pakistan Resolution – Pakistan Day, 23 March, 2012

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On 23 March, 1940 the Muslim minority of Indo-Pak  passed a resolution. The Muslims of subcontinent were having the hard time in getting the respect and rights they deserved from the ruling British and the Hindus of subcontinent who were in majority. Hindus and Muslims had so much social,cultural and religious differences, plus based on previous experiences, the Muslims of subcontinent region thought that after India will be free from the British rule, Muslim minority will be deprived from their rights and freedom, so they need to have a separate country in the areas where Muslims are in total majority.  After all how could Muslims who eat the Cow’s flesh and Hindus who worship the Cow could have co-existed.

The Lahore Resolution, later called Pakistan resolution stated that Muslim minority of Indo-Pak can no more co-exist with Hindu majority of the region, so they need their own country in areas of Muslim majority where they could live freely and practice their religious beliefs freely. Even Hindus and other minorities will be allowed to stay and practice their own religious beliefs on condition that they don’t interfere with Muslims business and follow the rules.

Fast forwarding to 14 August 1947  after struggle of Muslims in true and great leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah the Muslims of subcontinent got what they always wanted and deserved. A separate free country which was called Pakistan.

Now after exact 72 years of passing the Pakistan resolution – as they are celebrating the 72nd birth day of epic Pakistan resolutions – they also are having some hard time and difficulties.

We Pakistanis are facing problems like bad law and order situation in some parts of country, load shedding, Natural Gas Shortages, Down turn of economy, lack of health and education facilities in remote areas or even some developed cities. Biggest problem is corruption from top to the bottom.

I am reminding these because the cause of all this insanity/irony we are facing are the few people who are ruling us today.  People who are corrupt, sitting in assemblies and important seats. Normal public/people of Pakistan are hardworking and talented but due to these few ruling politicians who are filling their bank accounts with our tax money we are in trouble.

But this is trouble we have bring upon ourselves by either voting the wrong people in or not voting at all in last elections. So for change lets think in detail who did what for country and vote for people who deserve our vote in next elections. And while thinking if you don’t see anyone worth of your vote, just vote some new faces in, that way you will not have to lose anything if it doesn’t work but if it worked out well, you will have things going in right direction for you and your country. Plus please get out of the politics of family or party, don’t vote XYZ because your brother voted him. Think in detail who will be better for your country, you and your children while voting.

We all need to think and do things positively, first by self assessment and correcting your own self and then point everything out which is bad deed and going on in your area or a place of your access. On 23 March 2012 the Pakistan Day lets promise ourselves that everything we will do from now on will be in interest of our beloved Pakistan and in turn will be interest of us.

The question I will ask myself on this Pakistan day, Why these few hundred politicians are able snatch all of our money and facilities we deserve, away from us, the 180 million population of Pakistan. These 180 million people have to put the country back to the track of progress, not those few corrupt blood sucking politicians.

Give your country and your people what they deserve, because this country have given you more than you deserve. Time to demand and grab the more deserve. Long Live Pakistan.

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Pakistan day reminds to have a revolution in the country

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71 years ago we had collectively passed a resolution to have a separate country for us where we can freely live, freely follow our religion and our own culture. Today we are free country, we started 64 years ago to be exact on 14th of August 1947 we started out journey and realization of our dreams when we got what we wished for, a separate country where we live freely.

Today on “Pakistan day” or “Republic Day of Pakistan” when I see back, I see lots of achievements, but still we are not quite there yet. Now by force but by choice, or by choice of few culprits running the country who we have selected by our vote, we still have some way chosen to work for others.

We are being left behind in all traits of life, we are not provided with the good health facilities, literacy rate is shockingly low, the basic necessities of life like water, power is not available to lots. So in short we are in bad condition due to just the fact that we have choose a bunch of incapable losers to run the country, who are rather eating the country. Corruption is firing up on full cylinders in this country.

Above is the realization of what condition we are in, in this country, now we need to think what we can do to get out of this corruption culture and go out and compete the world. One biggest weapon in our arsenal is power of vote, we are already celebrating 64 years of Independence but we still have not learned to use our vote. Misuse of vote what we kept doing, same is reason we being pushed further into darkness year by year, so lets choose to use our votes correctly next time and choose right people for good.

Having said that, our current government have passed most of its time in power and less remained behind with elections coming in at most in two years. Elections campaigns will now be again at peak in few months, so first of all need to ask/analyst what current government have done for the country when they come back to us asking for votes. Next also need to choose right people, who are not given the chance earlier.

A revolution is required here now, the revolution have to be right way, not the bloodshed but awareness and education, that will fix other issues. Lets play our role, lets resist the culture of corruption, lets ask whoever have been in power, what they have done for country, what they have done for education, health, what infrastructure improvements they have brought, what they have done for betterment of common man of Pakistan. Does economic indicators gone up or down in their power span. Its time to known and ask for our rights.

Some responsibility also comes on our shoulders, the people of Pakistan, lets speak wherever we are witnessing, if something is happening bad, we got to speak. Also whatever we are doing, we need to do it well, with wholeheartedness and strive for the best, all to collectively take our country forward.

I insist that you people also provide your comments below the post, about our current situation, where we stand today and where we have to be in near future. Don’t hesitate to post anything relevant below and tell us what you think of whats all discussed above.

Happy Pakistan Day, Lets follow the dream

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Pakistan Day, Minar-e-Pakistan
Happy Pakistan Day

23rd March is celebrated as Pakistan Day every year here in Pakistan mainly because of the Pakistan resolution we passed back in 1940 on same date. This was the start of Pakistan Movement consisted of struggle for a new separate country for Muslims of Indian subcontinent  where they can live independently and peacefully without  any influence form Hindus and British who never treated us equal back in those days.

Now we are living what our ancestors dreamed about 70 years back, at least we have our independence today and can do anything without any foreign influence if we want to.

Congratulating you on all on this independence I would like to add that we have not fully achieved what was dreamed in 1940’s resolution, we still have get rid of remained foreign influences on our soil, have to get rid of bad security situation, we have revive our economy, lots to be done in education sector in terms of increasing literacy rate and quality of education, health sector needs much of advancement, we have to be united on national level by forgetting any stuff which is planted here to divide us and above all we have to choose the right people to lead our country. The last sentence is the key to everything I have said above, because as soon as we will get able to choose the right, loyal and honest people to lead our country, much of other worries will go away automatically.

When we will have achieved of what I have mentioned above, still we will have to follow the dream, follow the dream to make this nation the greatest nation of the world. I assure this is not just a dream we have got potential, we have people who are working hard with honestly in whatever they do, also believe me they are in majority, what all we have to do is to get rid of internal corruption we are facing in this country.

The way around I have figured out around this is changing the top level leadership of country to honest, loyal, capable and trustworthy people, when we will have top level corruption gone, the pressures and strategies from top level will make corruption go away from all lower levels.

Secondly if we as individuals are not corrupt, this is not enough to get away, we will have to incorporate the zero tolerance for corruption in ourselves. That will demand us to go around everything in right manner without using any money or personal contacts, pointing out and exploiting the people who make people do those two things to their things done.

There is lots more which can be added to this topic but the point is we all have to be loyal and honest to our country and people, and as I said earlier worries will go away automatically. Lets consider this Pakistan Day as starting point to change everything we have towards everything we must have. It is the time to do the right thing or otherwise we may not be there to correct the things.

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