Malaria, Dengue and Gastroenteritis Spread and Claim More Lives in Flood Hit Areas

Flood not only destroyed people’s homes, leaving them homeless and without food, it also made things worse with outbreak of new diseases. Twelve more died with the outbreak of Malaria and Gastroenteritis going bad. Dengue is also a big threat, specially in flood hit areas, as in normal situation in this season every year dengue spreads and last year things gone so bad that there were no beds available for dengue patients in hospitals across the country.

This year situation is worse, as there is standing water everywhere with flood in vast area. Standing water is thought to be very helpful in regeneration of mosquitos. Same is reason dengue teams seek to eliminate any standing open water in pots or otherwise, specially in dengue season, which normally peaks in September and beyond in Pakistan.

People in flood hit areas are out of luck, possible measures should indeed be taken for them but people in urban populations and non flood hit areas are also not safe from Dengue and Malaria specially. So along with any measures govt takes, people also have to take responsibility and get rid of any open water, keep eye one environment around you for any places which may be helping mosquito in regeneration. Also take measures to save your family from mosquito by taking all possible measures including sprays, insect killer lamps, coils and any other options available to kill or scare away the mosquitos.

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