Toyota stops its vehicles production in Pakistan for two weeks

Recently like other Pakistani automakers, Toyota Pakistan is also facing lots of issues due to bad economy and govt restrictions. Currently, as the Govt of Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have been on lowest of tens of years, there are many restrictions by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to control the outflow of US Dollars. This resulted in difficulties for automakers, to import the Completely Knocked Down (CKD) vehicle kits, which are then used to manufacture the vehicles in Pakistan. As after not being able to import enough supplies, Toyota Pakistan have announced that they will Keep their vehicle production plants closed in Pakistan starting for two weeks starting from 1st Feb, 2023 up until the Feb 14, 2023. This […]

Honda Pakistan bikes prices increased in the Feb 2023

Honda Atlas Pakistan have increased the prices of its bikes, for the same reason for which the whole auto industry is currently increasing the prices. This includes cost increase due to many factors including local Pakistani currency devaluation, the plant closures due to supply interruptions resulting from import restrictions due to low USD reserves and bad economy of country resulting in low sales etc. The new prices are applicable from Feb 01, 2023. The details of old and new prices are as follows. Make, Model, Variant New Prices Old Prices Difference Honda CD 70 128,900 121,500 7400 Honda CD 70 Dream 137,900 129,900 8000 Honda Pridor 170,900 161,900 9000 Honda CG125 194,900 185,900 9000 Honda CG 125 Self 230,900 219,500 […]

KIA Pakistan cars prices increased in the Jan 2023

Pakistan auto industry is facing many challenges right now. These include bad economic situation of the country, ever deteriorating Pakistani currency against the US dollar and the steps taken by government to keep US Dollars inside country. Overall the Pakistan’s economy is facing challenges mainly due to political instability in the country, which affected the foreign exchanges reserves of country, which are at lowest right now. To keep the US Dollars in country, govt of Pakistan pun on many restriction. These restrictions are resulting in difficulties for car manufacturers of Pakistan in opening the Letters of Credits (LCs) with the local banks to import completely knocked down (CKD) vehicles kits. Which results in disruption of supplies for car manufacturing, hence […]

Toyota increases its cars prices for the second time in Jan 2023

Recently, Toyota Pakistan had increased its car prices which had to be applicable from 12 Jan, 2023. However, after recently Pakistan government removed all the restrictions from the value of US Dollar in the interbank as well as the open market, the price of US Dollar seen humongous jumps and ended up at around Rs. 260 PKR as compared to restricted rate of Rs. 225 PKR. After this huge increase in the price of US Dollar, again like before, Toyota was the first to announce an increase its cars prices. Interestingly, like the previous increase, this new increase will also be applicable from same date of Jan 12, 2023. So any vehicles which were booked between Jan 12, 2023 on […]

Huge increase in the Petrol & Diesel prices announced

On Sunday, Jan 29, 2023 at 10:50 am, Ishaq Dar came on national television to make some announcement. These announcement included the increase in fuel prices, including both the prices of diesel and the petrol. To be exact, prices of both were increased by Rs. 35 per litre. Also the new prices of petrol, diesel and all other petroleum products gone into effect just 10 minutes after the announcement at 11:00 am. The new, increased prices of these petroleum products are as follows. Petroleum Product New Price Petrol Rs. 249.80 High Speed Diesel Rs. 262.80 Light Diesel Oil Rs. 187 Kerosene Oil Rs. 198.83 The current increase in petroleum prices are to meet the one of the demands of International […]