Cancel Exams Save Students Trends all Over Pakistani Social Media

As the daily number of new COVID 19 Cases and daily related deaths are on peak right now in Pakistan, they are in fact all time high. Despite this Govt have opened the Schools/Colleges for students from 9th grade up to 12th and is hell bent on taking the board exams. Students on the other hand are protesting against it through different avenues they have, one of them being the social media. For Example, the hashtag #CancelExamsSaveStudents is trending number one on twitter in Pakistan countrywide with about nearly 40,000 tweets on this hash tag and two other related hashtags #CancelExams2021 and #CancelExamsPakistan2021 seeing bulk tweets as well. Lots of people are on side of students in this, as according […]

Petition in supreme court against dissolution of HEC

Higher Education Commission HEC is set to be dissolved by government of Pakistan under the 18th amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan. The decision is unjust as commission is doing too well for development of higher education and research in Pakistan. Students and teachers from leading universities of Pakistan are constantly opposing but Government is not rethinking over the issue for now. Latest update is that finally the decision have be challenged in Supreme court of Pakistan. The petition against the decision came from University of Lahore along with few others. Many from Pakistan are hoping that some way this decision of dissolving the HEC is reversed. Also a number of protests all over the country are going on from […]

Higher education being strangled in Pakistan by dissolving Higher Education Commission

Either you are reading it here or you have already heard about this in media that HEC is being dissolved, when you may have read/heard this first time, I am sure it struck as a big shock. Unfortunately if it is not stopped, it is going to happen, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan which is respected World Wide due to it’s very structure which enabled tremendous development in higher education in Pakistan in just 7 years, which is epic even if we compare to what we achieved in 55 years before that after Pakistan came in to¬†existence. For those who don’t know much about this, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as part of 18th amendment to constitution of Pakistan […]

Higher education now in trouble in Pakistan

When it comes to the cost cutting, there are certain things you can’t compromise on. Now in Pakistan the current ruling party is cutting costs on higher education. Only 15.8 billion allocated for education the requirement was to have 19 billion in addition to current allocation. This is not it, the real insult to injury comes in with the fact that for now just 1.4 billion have been allocated. This risks the futures of 7000 PHD students who are studying in side country and 5000 those PHD students who are foreign scholarships. The public sector universities are also running low on the resources. The employees already demanding the 50% salary increments which is not possible with current situation. Also 72 […]

HEC Pakistan gets 10GB of Internet bandwidth

PTCL will be the provider to 10GB internet Bandwidth to the Higher Education Commission, this bandwidth is going to be used to facilitate the universities by introducing the services like video conferencing, digital libraries and access to the International education and research networks. This is the highest bandwidth which have been taken by any organization ever in Pakistan and this¬† 10 Bandwidth is going to be used to form the network between the universities and institutes spread all over Pakistan. The initiative have been taken to encourage and back the research. This contract is a Part of Pakistan Education and Research Network 2 (PERN2) which is initiated earlier by HEC Pakistan. PERN2 includes the plans to provide huge number of […]