Petroleum product sales on halt, prices hit the top

Prices hit the top, may not be technically correct because you can expect more from current administration but one thing for sure, this is gonna be hurting the economy much more. Also unlike the last the last government which was giving subsidy this one is earning lots of bucks per gallon. If one is sure that the money is going into the national reserves and being used correctly this sounds much fair. But there is no info ever released where this all money going. Is it being used for the betterment of people of Pakistan. The news here is that the petroleum prices increased, petrol price increased Rs. 6.10 per litter similarly prices of other products also increased similarly. Diesel […]

Peace keepers shaken the peace in Quetta

When it comes to police department, the most honest people are meant to be in this department. You not only have to stop crime as part of your duty but you also need have fully aware of, or in fact have the moral and ethical values. Unfortunately the people of Pakistan in most areas lack their trust in the local police mainly because the culprits or bad fishes in the department who get able to make lots of extra money by illegal means, e.g. helping in the illegal acts etc. They are the people who subsequently jolt the normal public’s trust in the whole department. Leaving the other things a side now few day back Quetta police seen in another […]

Roads and bridges network at faizabad Islamabad

Above is the satellite view of the bridges and roads in Faizabad area of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It actually manages huge traffic in great manner. I think its the only one of its kind in Pakistan or at least in Rawalpindi Islamabad. The point is that on more areas such plans must be thought of and executed. We all know many places which are always congested with loads of traffic and passing those places is a misery. So such plans may thought for those places as well. Traffic on roads will no keep increasing so thinking in advance is a better strategy. Feel free to post you comments. Subscribe to our daily update email as well as join our Facebook […]

Water flow in rivers and water storage down to minimal, who is responsible

When compared to the last year the water flows in the rivers this year are very much about more than 34% less. Also storage overall is about from 32% to 40% of total capacity. Indus River System Authority (ISRA) is planning a meeting to revise the water management plan for this year and this meeting will held on 1st Feb, 10. The water flows in four major rivers declined from 10,000 to 37,000 cusecs, which is huge decline. Also the decline in the Mangla and Terbela dams is 34% less than the next year. Country is now facing huge water shortage, this shortage is now most likely to effect the agricultural activity around the country. The thing here to think […]