Presidency and Supreme court differences continue, Latest on appointment of senior Judges

President house, Islamabad

There are few vacant positions to be filled in few superior courts of Pakistan. Different choice are being thought to put in the vacant positions. Lately President Zardari came in with his choices of judges to put in the vacant positions and these choices included Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif for supreme court from his current designation of chief justice Lahore High court, also the appointment of Justice Mian Saqib Nisar as acting chief justice for Lahore high court.

But these last orders from Zardari didn’t lasted more than few hours and the Chief Justice Iftikhar constituted a three people bench. Soon followed the decision from this bench tell the orders by presidency as unconstitutional and the decision suspended the orders.

Despite the fact that its the elected government but the things are not changed much, in this so called democratic age the government still seems to be dictating things to entities like Judiciary which must independent without any doubt.

Why these differences are continuing to grow, answer is that every one is not doing their own business and trying to involve the jobs of each other for just personal gains. Things will just be much better the other way.

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