New year 2010 as a new dawn, welcome to new era

We hope that this new year 2010 will prove to be a new dawn with opportunities for Pakistan. We will get rid of all the problems that currently our country is facing. Hope their will be peace in the country and hope we will be back to the development and will get our status back in aspects of life as a nation.

With all the hope their are things our country requires from us, all it takes is the where ever you are, if you are a lost soul, get back to honesty voluntarily as soon as possible. This applies to people of Pakistan and Administration/Leadership of the country.

For all those souls who are causing trouble to destabilize the nation must also realize that it is the time to change otherwise we will force them to change. This applies to all who are in race to destabilize the law N order by their coward attacks on general public as well as men in uniform.

Lets see this as an opportunity to rise on map on the world once again and do our part to serve the humanity. God Bless Pakistan.

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