Bye Bye 2009, What you brought for us

The question is, What we Pakistanis achieved in 2009 which will now be over within an hour. If we look back you will see that this year was not much in favor of Pakistan. The terrorist activity was on its peak in this year and also Army was on war at different places in order to clean up the country from foreign planted militants. In this process many of Pakistan Security forces men lost their lives, we value their sacrifice for the sovereignty of their country and their people. Lots of areas were cleared and lots of people displaced first from their homes because of these battles but and then same battles enabled them to go back to their homes and areas so the things now were far better than past.

Battles are not over yet security forces need to go a long way to clean the country from culprits but the hope exists. Again a solute to all who lost their lives while saving the lives of others, their sacrifices were never a waste but a new hope for the nation.

Politically and Economically it was the hardest time for the nation. As all macro-economic indicators seen felling down. Some of reasons may be connected with law and order but some other may be associated with the politics and incompetent administration. One thing people may have realized or better must realize that if they have to see their country going on a new path of prosperity and sovereignty they need to choose the right people as the leaders and have to sideline those who don’t perform making them the footnote history of Pakistani politics.

One achievement I can think of is Pakistan started an individual plant where they can build JF-17 thunder them selves. If you can think of more, respond via comments.

The new year comes as a hope for this country and I hope that things will much better than the past. Hope fully security situation will be much better and we will be on the way of development once again.

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For, Site came into existence this year and we have vision to go long way in order to keep you updated and provide more free services.

This is the last post of year 2009 and its to say bye bye to 2009 with hope to have a better year for the nation.

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